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 Dark Things

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PostSubject: Dark Things   Sun Apr 10, 2011 9:26 am

(The most random title I could come up with. Razz COURT! This is the schexy Trey, Michele, Darren, Eliza, Enzo, Kat, Christopher and Chris rp. Razz And anyone who wishes to join, may do so! ^.^)

(And yes, I roughly edited. ^.^ What I can't believe is this was only the fb rping alone, and only ONE of the rps! We wrote so much. O.O What a Face I have to say: I'm loving the Darren and Eliza parts. Wink Though, that could just be because I love Darren. And Trey.
Trey: Yeah. You love me so much you made me blind. -.-)
(ACH DAMNIT! The paragraphs went in funny. O.o I'll fix that later. I'm going to Derry now! xD <3)

Kat slowly twirled one of her bouncy curls around her finger as she waited, impatient and a little pissed off. Christopher was worse than a girl. She had been waiting for him to finish getting ready for almost 15 minutes now. She hoped that he looked pretty damn good, or else she'd have to cut a bitch. She was just that impatient.

She yawned and reclined back in the chair. Her red leather mini dress rode up dangerously high, but she didn't care. The more leg the better. They had went back to his house the night before to have some fun, and then he'd asked her to go out to eat with him. Sex really worked up an appetite. It had taken her 20 minutes to get ready, and he had started getting ready at the same time she had.

Kat finally heard the door creak, and she looked towards the bathroom with an expression resembling an unhappy feline.

Christopher came out with a wolfy grin, his brain alerting him of her cold stare. Not good.
"So hey, sorry it took so long, I get paranoid about my hair," he laughed, as it it were normal, raking his hand through his hair, dishevelling the short mass of black strands.
"You look.. Amazing," he pinpointed, his eyes catching on how much leg was showing, reminding him of their sexual pleasures.
Now he felt hot and hard. "Ready to go?" he asked, pulling his jacket on, and grabbing the keys.

Kat flashed to the door at vampire speed. "Yes,'' she answered simply, pulling her own jacket off of the coat hanger and slipping it on. She looked into the mirror to make sure that her curls weren't too hay wire, before she allowed her eyes to ghost over his body. She smiled approvingly and growled lowly in her throat.

He pulled her to him, her lips instantly crushed onto his, a deep passionate kiss shared. Then, he pulled away, tugging her hand after him. She made him tremble with pleasure. "So where did we decide to go, again?" he asked, looking to her for the answer.

Kat took a second to get her brain straight after the sudden kiss. "Um, we never said," she mumbled, once she'd recovered. She squeezed his hand. "Let's just walk, instead of taking the car."

"Walk? Please don't tell me you're making fun of my Were nature," he groaned, throwing the keys back on the table and following her outside, their hands still together.
"Is there a specific place you'd like to dine at?"

"You can turn into a werewolf and I could ride you all the way there, if you'd like," Kat suggested, a very playful, naughty tone to her voice. "I don't care where we eat."

He growled then, but in a good way. A really good way. "I'm almost at the point where we ditch the date and get back into bed. How about this place?" he asked, pointing across the street to an Italian restaurant, 'Luigi's'.

"Ditching the date doesn't sound too bad," Kat purred, turning with him towards the restaurant. "After this we'll stop by Victoria's Secret and buy me something pretty,"

"I know. But we're going to need food for a lot of energy after this," Christopher winked, grinning as he tugged her closer and they walked to Luigi's. "Hmm and do I get to help you choose this something pretty? You can demonstrate them for me."

"I promise to try them all on," Kat growled wickedly, nipping at his neck. They walked into the restaurant and were seated. She couldn't wait to eat and get the hell out of there.

Then his heart throbbed hard, just imagining that. Christopher rubbed his neck, still not used to the nipping. He hadn't let her bite him yet, even during the wild sex when he was at the point willing to do anything for her.

His hand snapped across the table, taking hers. "Order anything besides blood, darling."

Kat was bust looking through the menu. She raised an eyebrow at him. "Order anything but rabbit," she fired back, smirking devilishly. "I think I'll have...steak, medium rare, and a side salad." She pushed the menu towards him.

He gave a gruffly snort. "Rabbit is disgusting. Don't be so stereotypical. I'll have the same," he grinned, tugging on her hand so she'd lean closer. "Watch your mouth or I'll have to keep it occupied."

"Oh really?" Kat asked, the corners of her lips turning up slightly. She moved her mouth to his ear. "Don't be such a dog," she whispered, her breath fanning over his skin teasingly.

He grinned, turning his face a little and licking her cheek. "Sorry, can't resist. You know us dogs, we're crazy for our meat." He chuckled, kissing her cheek before pulling back.

"After last night, how could i forget?" Kat asked, nipping at his earlobe sweetly and playfully. He was fun to fool around with.

He turned his head away from her, the urge to slap her away high. Christopher his it, smiling at her, pretending he withdrew for a sip of his water. "Well, I'll give you another thing you won't forget tonight."

"Mm, tell me more," Kat suggested, wondering why he had pulled away. It seemed like the nibbles bothered him, but she didn't know why.

"No," he smirked, laughing. "We do have to keep some of it a surprise for tonight. It'll only spoil it if I tell you," he winked. "But you will be screaming my name."

"Maybe not. What if I'm too tired?" Kat asked, pouting sexily. She was still wondering what was wrong with him. She was tempted to nibble on him again and see what the problem was.

"You won't be. If you are, I'll have to go rape on you," he joked, rolling his eyes. "Going to chicken out of the best sex of your life?" He saw her concentrating on him more, and cleared his throat, wondering if she was questioning him pulling away from her.

"Cocky, aren't you? You're not even close to the best," Kat sat back in her seat, giving him a cocky, wicked little smile. She hoped to get him a little angry. It was sexy when he was. She decided to let the whole nibble thing go.

His face fell, instantly replaced with a frown. "What do you mean? That other guys you've been with have been better?" Christopher gritted his teeth, biting back a fierce growl.

"God you're sexy," Kat whispered, grinning. "Of course you're the best. Can't you take a little joke?" She waved the waiter off when he stopped to take their order. "Screw food. Let's go back to your place,"

Now that was appetizing. A were could survive without food for Kat any day. "You made it sound convincing," he said huffing, but then smirked, taking her up on that offer, tugging her to her feet. "My place? Darling, it's full of Were's. You want that?" he asked with an 'are you serious' look.

"I don't care," Kat said, squeezing his bum teasingly. "Your house, your car...It's up to you."
He bit back the groan, feeling it inappropriate for a fancy restaurant as the one they were standing in. Quickly, he pulled her after him, out of Luigi's and when outside, their lips met, locked in a fierce passion as his hands held her hips to his.

Kat kissed him back heatedly, her hands curled against his chest, fisting in the fabric of his shirt. She pulled him backwards with her, towards the car. She couldn't wait to just rip off his clothing.
Now his growl broke through the kiss, his eyes dilated as he dipped his head to hers again, tongues entwined, and his hands darting down her short leather dress, touching the back of her bare thighs.

Kat moaned softly against his lips, her hands moving up to tangle in his hair. "Get us in the car," she whispered, breaking away. She wanted to get out of there and to a big, warm bed.
He laughed, his breath short and hot, shoving her against the car hard, his body flush with hers. "I'm trying, but it's getting all so very hard to control," he murmured, kissing her again.

"I know what you mean," Kat panted, moving her head away so that he'd kiss the sensitive skin on her neck. She wrapped her legs around his waist, her dress riding up to her waist, his body pinning hers to the car.
His lips found their way to her neck, his tongue slipping out and licking it, teasing, and sucking the skin there. His hands came down to her thighs, fingers dancing along them, tracing the inner thigh, and growling low.
Kat could feel her fangs elongating the longer he kissed her. "Christopher," she moaned, her hips grinding slowly. "Hurry, get us in the car,"
With a groan, this time in annoyance for interrupting, he lifted her to him, swinging the door open with his free hand, and shoving them both inside, slamming the door shut.
Christopher's hands was already working on the fabric of her dress, pulling it over her head, his lips making their way down her collarbone.
Kat straddled him, smiling softly with her eyes closed as his lips slowly moved over her body. She tightened her hands in his hair. "Oh yes," she whispered, as he slipped her dress off. She reached down to pull off hi shirt.
It was hard to move in the car, but they managed, Christopher sneaking his hands down into her pants at the front, near enough to feel the hot, wet pleasure. He groaned, kissing her lips with a strong intensity, feeling himself harden for her.
"Christopher," Kat purred softly, her hands running slowly down his hard, toned chest. "You're so sexy," She pressed kisses all over his neck and chest.
"I should hope so," he teased, taken over by a groan. "You're so beautiful." His hands slid the dainty little panties down her thighs, kissing her harder than before.
"I know," Kat whispered, moaning softly into his mouth and kissing him with a fierce passion. She growled softly with anxious pleasure.
"What the fuck, Christopher?!"

Christopher recognised that voice. God, his brother?

Trey opened the door, or pulled it open more like, and grabbed the vampire off Christopher, shoving her to the ground.

"You're fucking a vampire?” he directed at Kat, turning to Christopher, “I thought you hated the leeches?"

Christopher growled, climbing out and punching his brother square in the face. "Bastard! Don't you dare lay a hand on her again!"

"Or you'll do what? Kill me? Little Christy, I'm stronger. And that bitch deserves to die."
Kat snarled up at the other wolf and struggled to get back on her feet. That had been startling. She rubbed the spot on her head that she had hit on the siding of the car. "You better leave, before I make you," she growled, standing behind Christopher to shield her naked body.
"I second that. She's one nasty fighter whom doesn't lie," Christopher said, glaring at Trey.

Trey had the balls to laugh. "Does she think I'm going to leave without a fight? Hell no. Christopher, leave the leech and go back to your usual hook ups with witches."

Scoffing, Christopher strode forward, shoving his brother hard, but it only causing Trey to sway a little.

"Hmm the leech must be good in bed for you to want to hit me." With that, Trey punched Christopher in the stomach, making him turn over, and Trey took the opportunity to knee his face, knocking him unconscious.

"Now you," he grinned at Kat. "How about we spend some time together." His eyes were all over Kat, and his tongue was practically hanging out.
Kat growled dangerously at the wolf. She crouched, covering her body and getting into a fighting stance. "Don't you dare touch me," she said threateningly. She'd help Christopher once she got rid of his brother.
"Or what? Little vampire, can't you see you're no match for me?" Trey wasn't scared. He'd fought off many vampires. Vampires that were strong and bloodthirsty. She'd be a piece of cake.
Kat growled again, wishing she had clothes on. She reached behind her for her dress and pulled it over her head in a flash. "I can take you," she said surely, before lashing out with a perfectly aimed kick. It hit him in the face and sent him stumbling backwards.
Okay, the leech could fight. Christopher hadn't been lying. Trey growled, touching his face, feeling it sting. "Bitch," he snarled, charging at her and tumbling them both to the ground, straddling and successfully pinning her down, Trey taking on half his were form. "Still sure about that?" he hissed, twisting her arm at a sick angle above her head.
Kat bucked against his body, trying to move her legs to kick him off. She snarled up at him. "Get off of me," she hissed, her nails digging into his wrists, drawing blood.
He yelped, breaking off from her, and restancing himself to attack the vampire yet again. Inspecting his wrists quickly, he made sure they weren't bad. They weren't, but she'd still pay for it.
Kat got back onto her feet quickly, her body crouched protectively in front of Christopher. "I'll tear out your throat," she snarled warningly.
He noticed how she made guard in front of Christopher. "What do you want with my brother?" Trey asked, clearly confused. Vampires only enjoyed killing.
Kat ignored the question and growled again. She didn't know what she wanted with Christopher, but she knew she didn't want him hurt.
This just confused him more. "Get the hell away from him. I swear, I'll kill you." He meant well by that threat. He always did. "Unless you have a good reason for wanting him, I suggest you leave."
"I'm not going anywhere." Kat launched herself at him again, because it was easier to fight than to explain herself. She bit into the wolf's neck, tearing at the flesh.
He barked, shoving her off, and touched the wound, finding thick blood. "This isn't over," he growled out, changing into a full wolf and stalking off, to fix the wound. But he'd be back. And he'd kill her.
Kat backed away slowly, eyes on the wolf until he was out of sight, and then she returned to Christopher's side. She stroked his cheek gently, swallowing. "Christopher," she whispered, hoping he was okay.
Her voice was so far away, and it was so good to hear her call his name. He smiled dopily, remembering they're first night together. How he insisted no sleeping together, but then couldn't resist her any longer and went against his word.
"You look pretty," he mumbled, his eyes fluttering open.
Kat couldn't help but laugh. "You're so out of it. Come on, let's get you back to my place," she said, lifting him easily.
"Are you saying you're not pretty?" he asked, half whispering. "Aren't we in your room?" Wow, he was out of it.
"No, I know I'm pretty, but you sound like a dope," Kat placed him in the passenger seat of his car. "We're in the parking lot," she purred.
"And we got here how? I am not a dope. Did I drink? I feel like I drank way too much," he commented, clutching his head as she got him into his seat.
"Your brother knocked you out," Kat told him dryly, starting the car and taking off, tires squealing.
"Brother? You mean Trey? When? Why?" he put emphasis on the last word. Trey and Christopher always got on well. Why would he knock him out?
"Because he caught us having sex!" Kat snapped. "i don't want to talk about it. Just shut up and go to sleep," She knew she was being a bitch, but it bothered her that she had protected him. Kat shouldn't be feeling so strongly towards a wolf.
"Oh god!" he moaned, covering his eyes with the heel of his palms. "He's going to go crazy. Why do you have to be all snappy?" Christopher barked back, staring at her now. "What the hell did I do?"
"Nothing your brother just retried to kill me, that's all," Kat snarled softly, trying not to be angry with him.
His hand reached out and rested on her thigh, squeezing gently. "I'm sorry. He's prejudice against all vampires," he grumbled. He could catch some small glimpses of faded memories, but it hurt to think right then, so he closed his eyes and laid his head back.
His hand on her leg calmed her a little and she managed a sharp nod. "He threatened to come back to kill me," she told him quietly.
And he would do it.
"I'll protect you. Well, I'll make sure I do. I obviously didn't do a good job of it this time," he said through gritted teeth. He was angry at himself and Trey.
"Obviously," Kat said with an eye roll. "I can protect myself. I just don't want to have to kill your brother," She had lost all of her siblings. It was not a fun experience.
"Kat, you're not like the other vampires," he observed, more so to himself. He smiled a little, turning away to look out his window. "Are we going back to your place?"
"Yes," Kat said, turning into a yard a few moments later. "but then you're taking me to your place. I'm sick of the wolves not knowing about me," It just caused trouble. "Let me help you inside to get you cleaned up,"
'Take her to my place?' He stiffened, not at all comfortable about it. "So I can show everyone my girlfriend?" he asked, not really there. "I'm fine to walk in myself," Christopher said, getting out when the car had stopped.
"Girlfriend?" Kat asked, frozen in place by his words. She had been about to open the door. "Girlfriend? Is that...what I am?"
Now it was Christopher's turn to freeze. "Um I just assumed. We did go on a date, and we've been.." he let that trail off. "Or are we just friends with benefits?"
"I-I don't know yet," And a second late Kat was out of the car, the door slamming behind her. She flashed to her front porch and unlocked the door. Oh no, she was panicking. She'd never been anyone's girlfriend before.
Christopher followed after her, pulling her back to him before she could run from him. "Okay, okay. We won't talk about this anymore. You're just.. Kat, and I'm just Christopher." He was worried she'd want to break off-or since they weren't.. dating? Then not want to see him again. It freaked him out he wanted her so much, but he did.
Kat pushed open the door and stepped in, leaving it open for him. "We'll stay here, we don't need to go to your house," The idea freaked her out now. "Go take an Advil."
Well, that sounded better, but he was still concerned about her. "Kat, are you okay? I didn't mean to say what I did out in the car. I take it back." But that final sentence was wretched from him.
Kat swallowed at his words. "Okay," she murmured, her tone softer. The thing that scared her was that him taking back his words made her feel hurt.
Wanting the awkward moment to be over, he strode forward and tugged her to him, kissing her passionately, but gentle still, as they were both recovering from the earlier incident.
Kat kissed him back tentatively, gently resting her hands against his chest before pulling her lips away, pressing her cheek against his shoulder. "Sorry," she murmured softly.
"Uh what for?" he asked, not really sure. Christopher wrapped his rams around her waist, content with her there. It seemed so right.
"About being a pissy little bitch. I don't mean to be," Kat was just confused.
"You had every right to. I mean, hell, you met my brother. I'm just glad you're okay. You are okay, right?" he asked, looking down at her.
Kat listed her shirt, revealing the huge red mark on her back that was swelling disturbingly. "Yeah, other than this thing. It's not a big deal, though."
Eyes widening, Christopher bent to examine it closer, and inhaled sharply. "Kat, let me clean it up for you. Does it hurt a lot?"
"No, it's not bad, I told you," Kat could deal with the pain. "You can clean it if you'd like."
He decided to lighten the mood. "I can clean it better by licking it. You know us dogs have these super cleansing tongues," he teased, smiling lightly.
"Mm, that sound both disgusting and sexy," Kat purred, smiling down at him as he looked at the cut. "But werewolf scratches don't heal quickly on vampires, so let's play around after I'm drugged up on pain meds."
"Of course," he grinned, leaving her to stand there as he quickly left for some cloth, water and bandages. Returning, he tugged her to a seat and got to work on cleaning the wound. "Just tell me if I do hurt you," he asked, kissing the back of her neck.
Kat lay on her tummy and laid her cheek on the pillow. "Don't worry about hurting me," she told him. She just needed to get the wound clean.
When he was done the wound clean and bandaged, he lay down beside her, wrapping his arms around her waist from behind. "Okay now?"
Kat laid her head back against his chest, letting him hold her. "Yes, thank you," she murmured, lacing her fingers through his where they rested over her stomach.
Christopher had to admit; this felt.. really nice. And both he and Kat seemed different like this. Almost as if there was nothing else, or anyone, in the world that could disrupt this moment. And Christopher wanted to things to stay like that.

"Anytime," he mumbled, studying her from what he could see.
Kat looked up at him from over her shoulder. "Let's go to my room," she murmured, with nothing but cuddling in mind.
"Uh okay," he said, frowning a little. He wasn't sure if she was going to make this tender moment into a rough, hot one. But either way, he would follow.
Detaching himself from her, but holding her hands, he sat up, waiting for her.
Kat stood and wrapped an arm around his waist as they headed up the stairs. She lead him to her room and laid on the bed, pulling him down with her. Then, to her surprise, she pillowed he head on his chest and wrapped her arms around hi waist, snuggling into him.
Christopher was slightly gaping, but recovered from the shock, smiling as he wrapped one arm around her waist, the other stroking her hair as he gazed down at her, unable to think of anything besides Kat.
Kat peered up at him, smiling gently. "I hope your brother decides to leave us alone," she murmured.
"I'll make sure he does," Christopher whispered, pressing a kiss to her cheek.
"Chris, he knocked you out," Kat said, giving him a serious look. "I don't think you can stop him from doing anything. He's older and stronger,"
"When it comes to you, I think I'd be able to. Look, maybe if I talk to him, explain some things, he might back off." Christopher sighed, wishing he hadn't failed Kat the first time.
Kat gently ran her thumb over his cheek. "I hope you're right," she murmured.
"I hope so too. Kat.. How do you feel about me?" he asked slowly, his gaze dropping from hers out of embarrassment.
"I feel...I feel like I care about you a lot more than I should," Kat murmured softly. It was the truth, but it was against the rules.
He nodded, feeling the same way. Before, he'd hated vampires, and thought them all the same; bloodthirsty leeches. Yet, here was Kat, nothing at all like the others. "Are you scared?"
"Yes," Kat admitted quietly, holding him closer. "Having both vampires and werewolves against us is very scary,"
"I know. Maybe, if we talk to them, show them, that we feel differently, then they'll let us be?" he said more in question. "I really wish this was easier."
"I don't think they will agree. We'll both be banished, and they'll want to kill us," And without their designated groups, they were both vulnerable.
"I'm sure there must have been some others that were like us. We can't be the only ones to feel like this." Christopher closed his eyes, sighing with exhaustion.
"I think I love you, Kat."
Kat's whole body froze at his words. "I-I--" she stuttered, unable to get out a single word. No, he couldn't love her, or even think he did. It was dangerous, and she had never loved anyone before.
He felt her stiffen, and opened his eyes to gaze down at her, full of sorrow. "I never meant to. It just happened. And I don't expect you to feel the same way, I'm happy having you like this than not have you at all."
He knew that in saying all this, these feelings were against everything he believed in from before, everything his kind believed in, everything Kat's kind believed in, and probably what she still believed in.
Kat swallowed, looking away form his eyes and laying her head back down on his chest. What scared her was that she felt the same way, but she couldn't tell him. Not yet, not until she was sure. It was too terrifying.
He smoothed back some of her hair, pressing his lips against her soft skin at her forehead. "Are you mad at me?" he asked, worried.
"No, of course not," Kat murmured, tightening her grip on him. She just didn't want to speak and upset him.
Nodding, hoping that she was being honest, he continued to kiss her, slowly working his way to her lips.
Kat sat up suddenly, sending Christopher tumbling off of the bed. "I'm thirsty," she said, making an excuse. God, why did he have to say all that to her. It made her feel awkward and weird. And scared. She got up from the bed. "I'll be right back after I find some blood."
He blinked in confusion, utterly startled by her suddenness. "Uh, okay?" Christopher said more in question. He got to his feet, following some feet behind her. "Do you have to drink.. blood?" It still made him feel a little disgust towards her. At least she didn't drink his, or he'd made sure she didn't so far anyway.
"Christopher, I'm a vampire. Deal with it, or get out of my house," Kat hissed. Her nervous energy was turning into anger towards him. He was the one making her feel things she never had before, and she needed to protect herself from those feelings.
"I'm trying. I'm still a werewolf. Are you fine with that?" he barked back, teeth gritted and fists clenched tightly at his sides. He didn't know why he began getting angry at her, but it was easier to feel that way than think about how they were wrong together.
Kat flashed back to him, slamming him back against the wall. "Yes, I am fine with that. Do you know why?" she asked, her nails digging into his sides.
He grunted when his back made contact with the cold hard wall. "Why? Because I'm just a toy? You're using me?" He knew every one of them were harsh, and he could have gone on, but her nails were starting to hurt him, and he flicked her off.
Kat stumbled back, catching herself against the table. "No, because werewolves...are delicious," She lunged at him, tackling him to the ground and straddling him, pinning his hands above his head. Then she let her anger towards herself take over, and like the bitch she was, she took it out on him. She sank her fangs into his neck quickly, drawing that warm blood into her mouth.
He let out a growl, then winced when he felt her suck his blood. "Get. Off!" He tried to get her off him, but it was difficult considering her strength. He rolled them around, he on top, and pulled his neck away from her fangs roughly. "Bitch!" he sneered, keeping her below him.
Kat licked her lips, trying to keep herself angry, so she wouldn't feel anything else. "Oh, such tough words. I'd like to bet that this dog is all bark and no bite," she taunted, trying to get her arms out of his grasp.
About to rip her shoulder off, he stopped half way. He didn't want to hurt her like that. Instead, he licked her neck, in an affectionate way, but still held her in a tight grip. "You're right." His words were barely a whisper, and he let go, climbing to his feet and walking away. This was such a disaster.
Kat laid on the ground for a moment as her anger faded away to misery. Why did she have to ruin things? Why did she always have to be so scared of her feelings?
He was reached fro the doorknob before she flashed in front of him, blocking his exit. "No, don't leave," she whispered, wrapping her arms around him tightly, pressing her face against his shoulder. "I'm sorry. I shouldn't have done that."
Her sudden attitude change surprised him greatly. Dropping his hand from the door knob, his arms hesitantly came up to wrap around her waist, closing his eyes as he enjoyed the embrace.
"It's fine. I shouldn't have been so.. anti-vampire on you." He was careful not to add in his other feelings, the big part of his heart 'I love you'.
Kat couldn't stop the tears from flowing down her cheeks and onto his shoulder. "It's because I love you too," she whispered, saying what she had never said to anyone since she had become a vampire. "I love you and it really scares me."
It took minutes before what she said processed. Christopher stood staring down at her hidden face, still shocked as to what to say. If anything, he never expected to hear that from her, no matter how he dreamt it.
"You... You l-?" his words couldn't come out right. He decided to act on his feelings, and turned her tear-stained face up to look at him, and met her lips with his.
Kat kissed him back feverishly, unable to believe that he wasn't angry with her, that he was even still there. "I love you," she repeated against his lips.
"I love you, too."
His hands cupped her face as the kiss deepened, and he purred at the feeling of bliss swelling inside him. To hear those words, he knew he wouldn't hear anything better in his life.
The kiss suddenly went wrong, like Kat was gasping for something.. air? Christopher pulled away, only to see a wooden stake prodding from her back, near her heart.
"Shit. Missed. Well, at least she has to suffer longer."
Christopher met his brother's gaze with accusation, finally understanding what was happening. Trey had tried to stake Kat, but missed. Yet he was currently getting another stake at the ready, wearing a sick grin, pleased with the shock expression on Christopher's face.
"Does it hurt to remove?" Christopher whispered to Kat hurriedly, keeping an eye on his brother. "Does it?! Can you run?"
Kat fell slowly to her knees, blood bubbling in her throat, making her choke on it. The wooden stake was slowly paralyzing her as the wood worked through her blood stream. "Pull it out," she gasped, her body convulsing as she threw up blood. The stake had pierced a lung.
He pulled it out instantly, horrified at the blood coming from Kat. With the stake in his hand, he lunged at Trey, only to have Trey snapping it from him and breaking it in two.
"Ass. You think you can fight me?" Trey pushed him to the ground. "I'm doing you a favour. The bloodsucker is using you, eejit."
Kat laid panting on the ground, the wound slowly starting to close up. Soon she could breathe again, and she was up in a flash, ignoring the remaining pain. "You have a death wish," she hissed at the wolf. She flashed in front of him, and with one push he flew back against the wall. "I don't want to kill you, because you're Christopher's brother, so you better get the hell out of here. Now."
"You think I'm going to listen to you, freak? I don't know what game you're playing, but I'm not falling for it." Trey threw another stake, Kat moving and causing it to sink into her thigh, irritating Trey.
"Stay away from her!" Christopher knocked him and Trey over, fighting for dominance.
Kat hissed in pain, prying the stake out of her thigh quickly. She waited for the wound to heal enough before she launched into action, grabbing a silver knife from the cabinet. "More, Christopher!'' she shouted, moving by Trey's head with the knife poised at the ready.
"No! Don't kill him!" he shouted, not prepared to loose someone he was so close to. Even if he was trying to kill the eh, girl, he loved. "Just knock him out."
"Hardly," Trey growled, shoving Christopher off him and jumping for Kat. "I'll have fun killing you."
Kat hit the wall with a bang, landing flat on her face. The knife flew out of her hand. "I'm not going to kill him, I'm just going to hurt him enough so he doesn't hurt us!' she shouted at Christopher. "Throw me the knife!" she told him, struggling to her feet. She hurt like hell.
Both Feltz brothers eyed the knife, dashing for it at the same time. They both took a share of it, trying to get the other to loose their grip.
"Give it up, or I'll hurt you. I don't want to."
"Screw you!" Christopher elbowed him in the head, getting him the advantage, and threw the knife to Kat.
Kat caught the knife out of the air, and then landed a hard kick to Trey's back. She straddled his back, the tip of the knife pressed against his back. "Leave now and I won't have to hurt you. If you don't leave, you'll have to endure the feeling of silver penetrating your body," she whispered, hoping he would just agree to leave them alone.
"I'm not leaving if you keep Christopher here. I'm not stupid, bitch." "I want to be here. Just leave!"
Trey glared at Christopher. "She's using her influence on you. She is using you!"
"I. Am. Not." Kat hissed, twisting his arm painfully behind his back. "I love him, whether you believe it or not. You'd both be dead by now if I didn't."
Christopher was a little surprised by how easily she'd admitted, and couldn't help but smile in reply. "I love her too." Trey thought he was going to hurl. "That's disgusting. It's lies."
"What's disgusting is that you can't let your brother be happy," Kat whispered, pressing harder on the knife. "I'm telling you one more time that you can leave unharmed. Make your choice."
"I'm not leaving. And I know my brother would never fall for a vampire's lie. He isn't my brother. Not if he says shit like that," Trey said confidently, and on that note, he transformed, making Kat fall back in surprise, and leapt away, promising Christopher 'I'll be back. You'll regret this,' through their thoughts.
"Shit," Kat swore, slamming the knife back down on the ground and struggling to her feet. "The next time he tries to kill me; I'll have no choice, Christopher." He was taking things to far. "Maybe you can talk to the pack leader, get him to command Trey to leave us alone."
Christopher stared after where Trey had ran off, barely listening to Kat. "I don't know. If the pack leader finds out.." he didn't finish the sentence, knowing well she knew the rest. Not to mention, his pack leader was a girl. And his bitter ex. Definitely not a good combination.
"We're just so fucked," Kat spat, knocking over the coffee table with a crash. "It doesn't matter how we feel. This just isn't going to work!"
"We can make it work. Why are you giving up on us so easily? I'm willing to fight 'til death for this," Christopher argued back, frowning with dissatisfaction.
"Christopher, I don't want you to get hurt. That's what's going to happen if we keep this up. I'm fine with fighting until my death, but not yours," Kat pulled off her clothing as she walked to the bedroom, planning on taking a nice hot shower.
"You're worth dying for," he whispered in her ear as he wrapped his arms around her from behind. His lips kissed a small trail from her ear to the back of her neck, slowly descending her bare back. "Don't take this away. It's worse than dying. I swear it."
Kat swallowed, biting the inside of her cheek. "Come shower with me. I'm full of blood," She felt horrible enough. She didn't want him kissing her body until he was clean of all of the blood.
"Gladly," he responded, and reached one arm behind her knees, and the other on her back, lifting her free of the ground, walking towards the shower. "Does it hurt?" he asked, careful so as not to touch were she had been wounded. It was remarkable how fast vampires' wounds healed again. Werewolves had to wait much longer.
"A little. I think I have splinters," Kat said sadly, laying her cheek against his chest. "I'll be okay."
"I'll get them out for you, just as long as you promise not to cry like a baby," he teased, smoothing back some stray hair from her forehead. They reached the bathroom, and he let her down, just outside the shower, his arms wrapped around her.
"Need help undressing?" his grin was cheeky.
"Get them out? By cutting me open and digging around? I don't think so. The wounds are closed up now," Kat said, stretching like a kitten.
"Sure? I am qualified as a doctor, so all it takes is some anaesthetic, a scalpel, and some stitching," he offered, kissing her cheek. "You look so cute when you stretch."

"You're qualified as a doctor?" Kat asked, raising an eyebrow. "Hm, how interesting. But still, no thank you. I'll bear it." She turned on the water, making it as hot as she could, before she stepped in.
He scoffed, playfully glaring at her. "Is that so hard to believe?"
It didn't take him long to strip and follow her in, comfortable with the temperature of the steaming water, his hands sliding from her shoulders to her waist, pulling her close to him.
"You are kind of young, babe. But anaesthetic doesn't have much of an affect on me, and I don't feel like going through the pain of being cut open again." Kat explained, placing her hands over his on her stomach. "A massage would be nice though."
That suddenly struck him to wonder how old SHE was. "Kat, I know women hate this question, but how old are you?" His hands had begun slowly making circular patterns on her stomach, massaging her hurt body gently. It felt good to have her hands covering his. Comforting.
Kat thought for a second, before deciding that she shouldn't tell him. "Physically, fifteen," she said, carefully dodging the question.
"Uh huh, and how long have you been fifteen?" he asked, catching on the trick answer. He may be a were, but he wasn't stupid. Vampires lived for a long time, and now he couldn't help but think of how old Kat could possibly be.
Kat looked down at the ground. "Um...five hundred and...thirteen...years..." She looked up at him, half expecting him to vomit, half expecting him to run."
Christopher's jaw dropped, having not expected that. Maybe a hundred years, but over five hundred?! Crazy. His hands had stilled, more so in shock, and he stuttered a response, "You-Really? But-that means you lived with the humans..."
"I was born in England," Kat told him softly, turning in his arms. "Don't be...disgusted. I'm not wrinkly, right?" she said, trying to brighten the mood. "I hide my accents. I've picked up many over the years. English, French, Russian..."
A half laugh made it's way to his face at that. "Well, you're one hot, smokin' girl," he honestly answered. "English, huh? Mind talking in your native accent then?" He was curious, having been brought up in America, and America alone, not hearing the other accents of the world. "Was the world so different back then like how they say it was?"
"It was," Kat admitted, her English accent immediately taking over. It was very much a part of her, as she had lived in England for hundreds of years. She had only ever let it escape before when she was with the vampires. She didn't always like to stick out. "Everything seemed darker. At least where I lived. Rebellions, wars...I never liked it much. I honestly like this world much more."
He smiled wide, falling in with how her words rolled off her tongue. "You sound so beautiful. Don't hide it from me," he asked, kissing her quick. "Wars? That's right, you were there in the middle of them. So you saw the world heavily populated with humans? Was it.. weird?"
"It wasn't, no. I could hide so easily, feed so easily...I enjoyed the company of humans, but I can hardly remember that now. It was so long ago." Kat let herself relax and talk naturally, since it seemed like yes, she could really trust him, and he enjoyed the accent.
He ran his fingers through her hair, smiling down at her, his smile part sad, and part amazed. "Sweetie, don't worry about that. It was the past. Just live in the present." He brushed his lips over her cheek.
Kat smiled, hugging his body to hers. "I try too. Help me wash all of this blood off.”
He grinned, feeling cheeky as his fingers danced over her back, rubbing the blood stains, and teasing her at the same time. "Certainly."

Kat nipped at his neck, careful to keep her fangs from popping out and burying themselves in his skin. He smelled amazing. "You tease," she murmured.
His breath was coming out more heavy, eyes fluttering closed. It actually felt nice when she did that. Just as long as she didn't bite-he shivered at the memory. "Look who's talking."
"Why are you so scared of me drinking you blood?" Kat asked curiously linking the length of his neck. "I could make it feel so good."
"I-I'm just not used to it. I grew up hearing.. things. And how can you make it feel good?" he asked, opening his eyes to look down at her in confusion. All the stories he'd grew up were about how venomous a vampire could make their bite, and the severe pain.
"If I care about the person I'm biting, the pain turns to pleasure. Most people only know of the pain. But I care enough about you to not hurt you," Kat whispered, kissing his chest. "I could make it feel as good as sex."
His eyes flew wide open at the sound of those words. At first, he would have thought this was just a way to get him to agree, but he trusted her. He loved her. "Um, okay?" he was still a little scared over the whole prospect of her biting him.
Kat smiled against his skin. "I won't hurt you," she promised, before gently slipping her fangs into his skin. She sucked gently at the wound, sending soothing and pleasurable thoughts into his body, wanting him calm. She didn't want to scare him.
The first pierce stung, and he stiffened, only to relax immediately, feeling another emotion take over. It felt so arousing. His arms held her body closer, loving the effect she was having on him.
Kat smiled against the wound as his taste exploded in her mouth. She let more arousing feelings slip into his body as she drank more hungrily.
He felt himself begin to harden for her, and his hands slipped around her torso, trailing up her chest slowly. Small growls of pleasure came from his lips, and he bit down to try and quench his embarressment.
'It's okay,' Kat murmured into his mind, encouraging him not to be embarrassed. His blood was just as arousing. She slipped her arms around his waist, holding him closer to her body.
"I love you," he whispered gruffly. His hands then continued to explore her body, taking pleasure from her sexy curves, his mouth kissing her neck.
"Uh what do I taste like?" he whispered in her ear, wondering.
'Like heaven,' Kat whispered into his mind, her body arching into him as he touched her. 'I love you, too. So much.'
He whined in his doggy way, instantly shoving her roughly against the cold tile wall, his body pressed flush against hers. All the blood drinking was making him sexually active. Fingers slipping between her legs, he massaged the delicate area, wanting to arouse her not just with his blood.
Kat moaned loudly against the wound before pulling her fangs free, not wanting to take too much. She licked the wound clean before moving her bloodstained lips to his. "Didn't that feel good?" she asked huskily.
His reply was more a groan of approval, and he kissed her with much passion, his hips thrusting lightly against hers, teasing.
"Mm, Chris--" Kat began, before a smell hit her. Was something burning? It was suddenly hotter. She pushed Christopher away, stepping out of the shower and hurrying towards the door. Yes, it was definitely getting hotter. She grabbed the doorknob and jerked her hand back when it burned her. "What the hell?" she murmured, before giving it a hard kick. It flew off of its hinges, right into the fire that had engulfed her living room. "Oh my god!" she shouted, backing away from the wall of fire. "That bitch set my house on fire!" Fire could kill a vampire, and quickly.
"He's in there! We need to get him out!"
Christopher heard some arguing voices behind the flames, and knew they were Trey and other werewolves from his pack. "Shit. Kat, stay with me!" he ordered, pulling her to him, quickly edging his way to her bedroom, which the flames were not far from. "Just stick with me. I won't let them kill you," Christopher promised, his eyes darting to her closet and thrusting clothes at her, picking up his also. "Just hurry. I think I can get us out this window."
Kat quickly slipped on the jeans and shirt he had passed her, quickly flashing to his side, staying behind him so the flames couldn't touch her. Just one touch and she'd burst into flame. "There's fire outside too. We can't get out this window," she said, panicking as flames licked the windowsill.
Both dressed, he turned, mind panicking. "Then how?! Kat, I don't know!" It would be an understatement if you called him stressed. "YOU! You stupid dog!" Christopher turned and gaped at Eliza. "You are a fucking idiot! Move out of the way while I kill the bitch." He grew determined, guarding Kat from his leader. "No." Then whispered low for Kat only, "When I distract her, you run out of here." Then he jumped, half shifting, on Eliza.
"There's no where to run!" Kat shouted, ducking quickly as the ceiling began to crumble under the heat. She grabbed a blanket, throwing it over her head to protect her skin from the flames. She grabbed a silver locker from her nightstand and threw it with all her might at the female. It hit her in the eye, making her cry out in pain.
Eliza turned away, screaming in utter pain as her fingers dug at her eye, the sizzling a disgusting thing to witness. Christopher turned, helping cover Kat up. "What if I throw us through the flames out the window? You'll be covered up.. Will we try?" he asked hurriedly, knowing it wouldn't take long for Eliza to recover.
"Try it," Kat encouraged, holding Christopher tightly. "We have to put this fire out, somehow. All my stuff is in here," All the things she had left of her family.
After getting a good grip on Kat, making sure she was covered, and covering her body with his for extra measure, he jumped, connecting with the window pane, which exploded, and seconds later he hit the hard ground.
"What the bloody hell?!" some voices shouted. 'Wait, I know them,' Christopher thought, and saw others in his pack all surrounding the burning building.
"Uh Kat, we're going to have to run. Just a slight delay on putting out the fire, sweetie."
Kat looked back at her house. "But my house," she whispered, watching as the fire engulfed her life. The pack was moving closer, so she had no choice but to get up and grab onto Chris. "Shift so we can ride out," she told him quickly. She wasn't up to running with her injured thigh.
He shifted then, waiting until she got on before leaping off. He saw, and felt, the sadness she had towards leaving her home. How he wanted to save it, but they'd be killed by his family.
Kat clung to him as he ran, the werewolves shifting behind them and following in hot pursuit. "Go to the graveyard on 5th street. It's sacred vampire ground, they won't be able to enter," But he would be, because he was with her.
"Uh what about me? I'm not exactly a vampire," his thoughts came to her, not knowing how it worked. He ran still, not once hesitating as he made his way by her directions. If he at least got her safe, he might be able to try and fend off his family.
"Trust me," Kat whispered, about to press a kiss to his coat before she cried out in pain, yanking her foot out of the grip of a large black wolf. "Faster!" she urged Christopher. The wolves were all gaining on them.
He rolled onto the consecrated land, shutting his eyes shut tight as he put his trust in Kat. When he opened his eyes again, he was back in his human form, practically lying over Kat.
"Sorry!" he blurted, jumping to his feet and out-stretching his hand for Kat.
Then it hit him; he was on forbidden land to Weres. "This is so weird." His mumbled words were drowned out by the sound of angry growls coming from his family feet away, blocked by a hidden barrier.
"Christopher! Don't do this!" He winced. Why did his mum have to be against him?
Kat climbed to her feet. "Chris, this is your family. I'm safe now, but you can go with them if you need to. You can turn your back on them," she whispered, feeling like everything was just too much. Her house, the murder attempts...
She was too good a person. If only everyone else could see what he saw. "No. When I said I'm fighting for us, I meant it and I'm not backing down." He pulled her into the warmth of his arms, closing his eyes as he blocked out the others. It was just Kat and him. Him and Kat.
Kat held him tightly, letting the tears for losing her home fall. The wolves howled at them from outside the gates. It seemed like they planned to wait until they decided to come out. "I love you so much, Christopher. I'm so sorry for all of this,"
Eliza was sickened at the pair holding each other like that. "Argh, I'll kill her!" It could be that she just hated vampires so much, which she did, but jealousy played a part in her anger.
A hand clamped down on her shoulder, causing her to turn around, ready to lash out at whoever dared to so much as touch her, only to find herself meet Lina's gaze.
"Maybe, we were wrong."
"Excuse me?" Eliza blurted with obvious disgust. "You are his mother! You can't let this happen!"
"Don't you see them? Their expressions? Christopher was never that strong before. And the vampire looks genuinely caring towards him."
"No," Eliza growled, turning away. She'd never believe that. The vampire had to die.
"I agree with Eliza," Trey's voice interrupted her thoughts. "You're naive, mum. The dirty bloodsucker has him influenced. Christopher may be stronger, but it's a result of the vampire controlling him." He stepped up as close as he could, the barrier pushed as far as it could, shouting to the disgusting view, "Christopher, you don't come out here with her, you'll have a worse punishment that you're already getting."

Christopher rubbed her back softly, "It's both our fault. And it's worth it." He saw his mum and Eliza arguing, with the interruption of Trey. Trey looked so smug as he shouted over to him, as if he knew how scared Christopher really was. He couldn't. "I'm not giving her up for anything. I'm not giving 'us' up."
His reply only caused a streak of anger flare in Trey.
Kat wiped away her tears, puling Christopher to lay down with her. "Let's try and sleep. Maybe they'll leave." She really doubted it, but they couldn't do much else.

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"Are you okay?" she asked quietly once they were settled. She pillowed her head on his chest, staying close to him, hoping to comfort him a little.
It took a few seconds before he answered. "It'd be so much easier if they'd accept us." It wasn't an answer, but it was a thought. "Are 'you' okay? I'm sorry they're like this."
"No," Kat murmured, trying to block out the voices of his pack. "But I have you, so I will be." She kissed his lips sweetly.
He smiled sadly, kissing her back with the same gentleness. "I don't know what I'd do without you. You're worth this all."
Kat smiled softly, gently stroking his hair out of his face. "So, is it just me, or does your pack leader have a little crush on you?" she asked teasingly, trying to lighten the mood
Christopher grimaced. "Don't ever repeat that. And how exactly does Eliza give you that assumption?" he asked, generally curious. All he saw was her wrath. He sighed in content under Kat's soft touches.
"She's jealous. I can see it in those bitchy little eyes of hers," She knew wolves had good hearing, and sure enough Kat heard Eliza call her a bitch right back.
"Shut your pathetic little mouth, you bitch!" Eliza spat, fury boiling inside. 'How dare she.' "She's still influencing him."
Christopher frowned in disapproval at Eliza, hating that she had called 'his' Kat a bitch. He bit back his sneer. "I'm sure it's just selfishness."
Kat held Christopher tightly, glaring back at the wolves. "I could never influence a werewolf this strongly. They're all just stupid." She knew they could hear her, and she was happy.
"Really, we're not stupid. Christopher's been under your influence for weeks. It'd have been easy for you to command him now," Trey was quick to add.
"Weeks?" Eliza asked, gaping.
"Yeah, I got it from his thoughts earlier. He's been staying with her, attending to her needs, and I even got a glimpse of punctured wounds at his neck just a while ago, so he's been feeding her too."
The wolves protested at that. "It's wrong!"
"Feeding? Why would he do that even under the influence?" Lina observed. "I know my own son, and he is so strong to stop such a thing, unless it was willingly. Her influence wouldn't make him."
"Who's side are you on? Are you a fucking vampire sadist?" Eliza targeted her anger on Lina now.
Christopher sat up quickly, "Don't you dare talk to my mum like that!"
He was awarded with a slow, sad smile from Lina. It was enough to understand that at least she saw something in what he was doing. Trey also saw the exchange, and went ballistic. "Get her out of here. The bloodsucker must be influencing over long distances."
Kat rolled onto her back, looking out at the pack at wolves. "I have not influenced even one of your pack. If I had that power, I would have commanded one of you to kill the other by now, but I have not. Isn't that proof enough that you should mind your own damn business?" she growled.
"It's a part of your game. Who knows what you're playing at," Trey growled right back at her, and still had his pack backing him. Christopher glared, keeping shut so as not to say something that may in any way. Like how he wanted to argue that being bitten by Kat wasn't an influence, and it didn't feel like it was predicted for years. It was a beautiful feeling. Yet, he lay back, admiring Kat.
Kat looked back at Christopher, noticing his admiring gaze. She smiled. It was so nice to be loved. She pulled his body close to hers, pressing loving kisses to his neck and chest.
He gave a small moan of pleasure, loving that she wasn't afraid to show off their relationship in front of all to see. Now he heard cries of disgust and threatens.
"Lets give them something to shut about," he whispered, kissing her passionately.
Kat smiled against his lips, kissing him heatedly. His hands ran over her body and under her shirt, and hers did the same to him. She stroked his abdomen, putting all her love into the touches.
"A fucking porn show." Trey turned away, followed by a more-than-jealous Eliza. "We have to do something."

"We? I'm going to do something." And he knew just the person.
All it took was a phone call.

"Hey, James? Yeah, can you do me a favour? I know you're in contact with the bloodsuckers.. Mind telling them something?"

Christopher responded just the same, forgetting all but them, and acting on his arousal, grinding softly against her, his lips still on hers in the fiery kiss, and hands exploring further up her shirt, to her breasts.

The loud ringing of his cell phone made Darren growl with rage. He was in the middle of a meal. He threw the lifeless girls body onto the ground, pulling the phone out of his pocket. He could see Michele in the distaste, enjoying her dinner, and it made him jealous. "What do you want?" he snarled into the phone.

Kat moaned softly against his lips as his hands gently massaged her breasts. She unbuttoned his pants slowly, reaching inside to stroke him. She didn't care that they had an audience.

Christopher wasn't exactly 'that' drunk on Kat to let her go that far. It felt embarrassing to know that his family were watching, and although he felt himself harden, he pushed her hand down, not wanting people to see him.. naked.

Kat hadn't been planning on taking his pants off, but she obliged to his wishes and let her hands run back up his chest, pressing her breasts into his warm palms.

"I love you, Kat," he murmured, his lips instantly on hers again.

"You've got your kind a problem." James grinned. Ever since Trey had told him, he was excited to pass it on. "There's a vampire, by the name of Katherine, and she's in a rather.. compromising attachment to a werewolf. Sweet, isn't it?" he asked, laughing. Quite the opposite, he guessed. Being a warlock proved to be very entertaining. How Enzo would love to hear this.
Darren cursed under his breath. "That girl is such a bother," But his eyes were full of love for her. Katherine meant a lot to him, even though they hadn't dated for almost a hundred years. "Where is she? I'll dispose of this problem immediately." He called Michele over, so he would have back-up.
He smiled, indulged in their heated moment of love and pleasure.
"You know where Crevan's is? Well, the graveyard beside that. You better get there quick. My source mentioned something about porn and Katherine.." James knew this was an opportunity he couldn't miss. Were and Vampire get together? Classic.
"Ah, fuck," Darren cursed, handing up. "Michele, Katherine is making porn with a werewolf apparently. Let's go."

"I love you too.," Katherine whispered, hearing a sudden commotion behind them, but she ignored it to kiss Christopher.

"Out of the way, wolves," Darren hissed, moving up to the graveyard entrance, Michele right behind him. "Katherine, get away from that wolf!" he commanded, stomping toward them.

Kat jerked away, pulling down her shirt. "D-Darren, what are you--"

"You do not ask me questions. Come on, we're going home." He grabbed her arm, pulling her towards the gates.
James was among the crowd, watching the scene unfold in front of him, the grin widespread on his face.
"Darren?" he repeated the name, blinking up at the figure as he pulled Kat from him. It took him a few moments to snap out of his daze. "No!" Jumping to his feet, he snapped her out of 'Darren's' grasp. "She's not going anywhere with 'you'!"
"It's about time these two were put in their place," Trey grinned at Christopher, standing the few feet away, at the opening of the gates, ready to attack.
Darren shoved Kat towards Michele, who caught the girl. "Hello, little sister. Getting yourself in trouble I see," She hugged her sister tightly. "Don't worry, Darren won't hurt the wolf. I made him promise."

Kat stayed with her sister, knowing it would cause an all out war if she intervened. She hugged her back tightly as Michele lead them out of the graveyard, giving the wolves warning looks.

Darren looked into the werewolves eyes. "Ah, so it isn't a farce. Do you truly love Miss Katherine?" He could see easily into the boys thoughts.
Christopher kept glancing between Kat and back at Darren, not trusting the vampire for a second. "Of course it's not. Look, thanks for helping her, but I'm not leaving her. As you 'know', I love her."
'Was he reading me damn mind? Ass.' And he was still worried they'd hurt Kat.
Trey silently vowed to get the bloodsucker girl again. And kill her. With pleasure.
"I am not ass," Darren complained, offended. "And yes, you do love her. I can see it. Come with us." He loved Katherine too much to hurt her by not letting her be with a boy who she clearly loved, and who was clearly in love with her. "Out of the way, wolves," he snarled, walking out of the graveyard with Christopher following behind him. He took protecting him, Kat, and Michele, making sure the wolves wouldn't make a move to hurt them.
'Definitely reading my mind.'
"Uh thanks?" he said more in question as he followed. "Sorry about that 'ass' opinion. You're not so bad."
"What the hell do you think you're doing?" Trey asked, walking right up to them. "He's staying with us. You have your blo-vampire, he's ours." Trey glared steadily at Darren, not backing down. Like hell he'd allow 'them' to take Christopher.
Christopher growled, stepping up beside Darren, "I'm going willingly. It's my choice."
Trey didn't look at Christopher as he said with definite finality, "No."
Michele had Trey in a death grip a second later. "No one speaks to my king in that tone. Apologize, foolish wolf," she kissed, her fangs clicking out.
Kat came up beside Chris, taking his hand tightly in hers. "No one's making him do anything," she told the pack. "I promise."
Darren regarded the situation coolly. "Move boy, or I will permit Michele to break that skinny little neck of yours."
"No. I'm not apologizing to any of 'you'. King or not." His nose scrunched up in a distasteful sight, finally backing down. "Later." Christopher squeezed Kat's hand, drawing her closer. Trey meant his promises, but he'd make sure he never got near Kat. Not on his life.
Michele threw Trey to the ground. "Rudeness gets people killed," she warned, before going back to her sisters side. Darren nodded before leading them away, picking his way through the group of werewolves. "Friends of the boy may choose to come, if they promise to be polite."
Trey's grin was full of menace as he watched the bloodsucker strut away from him. 'She had some gall.' Christopher wasn't surprised when no one came away from the pack to follow them; they stayed loyal to Eliza. But what caused a small commotion was Trey walking towards them, eyebrows raised. "What? I'll be polite, sir." He was mocking the vampire king, but keeping his word.
Michele scoffed, about to tell the vampire off when Darren interrupted her. "I will take your word for it. If you wish to come, you may, but one foot out of line, and you will no longer 'have' feet. Understood?"
Kat stared at Darren in shock. "He's crazy, he can't--"
"Katherine, do not undermine my authority," he warned, which made her shut up. Darren was composed now, but earlier he wasn't, and it could turn that way again, very easily.
Trey simply rolled his eyes, humphing in response. No one told him what to do. Not even Eliza. He took a step too close to Michele, breathing on her neck as he whispered, "Rudeness gets you killed. Didn't you hear?"
Christopher didn't voice the others protests, knowing well just because he was accepted by them didn't mean he got a say in their debates. He wrapped an arm around Kat, his lips on her cheek. "Your king will keep him under control." 'I hope.'
Michele growled at him as the group started walking again. Darren lead them to his awaiting limo, and Kat slipped inside with Chris, keeping him by the door. Michele slipped in on the other side, beside Darren. The group waited for Trey to get in before the limo lurched away from the curb. "We have other wolves living in our house, Christopher. You will surely not be alone. I would like you to believe that you can trust us. We are not as judgmental as your pack seems to be. I just want Katherine happy, as does her sister."
"What other wolves?" Trey asked suspiciously, glaring between Darren and Michele. Christopher sighed, annoyed at Trey's behaviour. "Thanks. I trust Kat. I'm sure when I spend more time with you all, I'll trust you too. For now, this is enough." He gave Kat's hand a gentle squeeze, resting his head back, the past events having tired him out.
Both Darren and Michele ignored Trey's questioning. Kat curled into Christopher, hoping to make him feel more comfortable. "I love you," she whispered in his ear, knowing the others could hear anyway, but still wanting to make it feel more personal.

They arrived at the mansion a little while later, and Darren stopped them all from getting out right away. "The fifth floor is where the wolves stay, so you may stay there Trey, if you wish. There are guest rooms on the sixth floor, where Kat, Michele and I have our rooms. You could stay in one, if that better suits you. But be warned, there are plenty of vampire living on the remaining floors, and one rebellious wolf cannot defeat them." And with that he was out of the car, Michele following after him.
"What wolves are staying here?" Trey demanded, following quickly after Darren and Michele, his hand snapping forward and roughly pulling Michele to him as he snarled his question again. Wolves weren't meant to be mixing with the bloodsuckers.
Michele hissed, pulling out of his grasp. "Don't touch me, wolf,"

Her warning was useless, because a second later Darren had Trey in a death grip. "Do not touch anyone here without their permission," he warned. "And the wolves that stay here are either friends of ours or have been kicked out of their packs."
Trey squirmed in Darren's grip, growling. "Bitch," he snarled at Michele. "Whatever, let me go!" Trey would make it his duty to turn these wolves against their sworn enemies.
Michele growled right back as Darren dropped Trey onto the ground. "I'm an understanding person, Trey, but give me one more reason to mistrust you and you won't be staying here any longer," He wrapped an arm around Michele, following Kat and Christopher into the house.
"I was just looking for an answer to my question. If your bitch of a girlfriend wasn't such a bitch, we wouldn't have this problem," he sneered, jumping to his feet and shaking dirt off.
Darren ignored the comment, stroking Michele's back soothingly. Michele wasn't his girlfriend, but he was her maker, as well as Kat's, so he cared for them a lot.
Trey followed the two in a huff, annoyed he was pushed so low when he was considered a 'top dog' in his own society.
"Bloodsuckers." They ruined everything.
Darren went off in search of another snack, leaving Michele and Trey in the living area. Michele gave the wolf a glare before heading for the stairs, set on going to her own bedroom for a night of relaxation.
With a shrug, seeing nothing 'that' wrong, he followed Michele, catching her from behind, harshly snarling in her ear, "You better watch your back, bloodsucker."
Michele pulled away from him. "You may think you're invincible, but you aren't. If you weren't welcome into this home, you would be dead by now, so leave me and my sister alone."
"Neither are you. I'm pretty sure I could rip you to shreds, bloodsucker. 'Sister'? Ah, well leave my brother alone. Can you do that?" he said, not really asking, staying close to intimidate her.
"You couldn't hurt me, wolf, no matter how hard you tried," And with that Michele flung him across the room, letting him hit the wall with a bang.
After a sting of curses and some wincing, Trey stood up, dashing for Michele, laughing when he caught her by surprise and throwing her to the ground, his strong arms slamming down on her legs. "Still think that?"
Michele growled under him before sinking her fangs painfully into his arm, tearing at the skin. She'd show him what it meant to mess with a vampire.
He let out a cry of pain, pulling his arm, which she still had her fangs in deep, and slamming it against her in an attempt to get her off. His free hand wrapped around her neck, applying pressure. "Let. Go. Bitch."
Michele kept drinking in his blood, not face by his hands around her throat. She made sure that it felt painful at first, before letting pleasure seep in to her bite. She would teach him a lesson about vampires.
He was still howling, but then broke off from her and sucked in his breath, heavy with a new emotion. "What are you doing?" he asked through gritted teeth, trying to fight the urge to caress her. Was she influencing me to enjoy this?
Showing you that vampires aren't all bad, Michele murmured into his mind, letting more sweetness flow into her bite. If she drank for too long, he would become addicted to her, and she didn't want that.
No, you're influencing, he thought back, his hips grazing against hers lightly, beginning to let the arousal take over. Wait, I don't want to be bitten. I don't want.. his thoughts got fuzzy, and he gave in.
Michele smiled as she drank, letting him grind slowly against her. 'I can't do this to everyone. You have to want it a little, deep down...'
He barely shook his head, not really focused besides on her body. 'No.. I don't want bloodsuckers. Not after-' he shook his head no, and tried to pull free of the daze. He didn't want this. She was wrong.
'Not after what, sweetie?' Michele asked, stroking his hair gently. She stopped biting him, licked the wound, then moved to sink her fangs in his neck before he could try to move.
He pulled away, the pain replacing all the sexual emotions. "Don't touch ever again, bloodsucker." He couldn't let himself feel like that. Nor spill his secrets so easily.
Michele bit down harder, letting more pleasurable feelings seep through his body. A second later, they were in her bedroom, on her bed. 'It's okay. You can tell me. I'm like any other girl, Trey. I don't want to hurt you.’
"No!" he gasped, trying to pull her off, but without success. His lips found her neck, kissing heatedly along it, his hips grinding against hers again, and his hands slipping up her shirt. She was winning.
'Good boy,' Michele cooed, gently pulling her lips from the wound. She didn't want to take too much, but she knew the affects would last long enough for him to agree to sleep with her, which was all she wanted right now. It had been a long time since Michele had had anyone, and something about this baby boy wolf turned her on.
'Why?' his thoughts asked, the rest of them lost in the moment of being there with her. 'I don't do this. I don-' His lips found hers, and he barely noticed the coppery taste on her tongue as his tongue slipped in between her soft pouty lips, his hands busy with undressing her.
'Just relax and love it,' Michele whispered into his mind, kissing him back heatedly, reaching down to unbutton his pants. 'Why does this bother you, Trey? It doesn't have too. I need this, and I think you do too.'
Because she died. The thought slipped out without him wanting to. Trey felt numb, ignoring the thoughts and concentrating with kissing Michele.
Michele sent soothing, understanding thoughts his way as she kissed him, pulling of his shirt to allow him to touch her.
His hands crept up her shoulders slowly, fingers slipping the straps of her bra off, and slowly descended down to cup her breasts, grinding harder into her, his lips on hers again. It felt good.
Michele smiled against his lips, happy that her influence was working so well. Part of it was his want, she could tell. She would enjoy rubbing that in his face later, she thought, slipping his pants down his hips and off of his body.
He followed her lead, ever so slowly unbuttoning her pants and letting them drop, his hands immediately skimming down the back of her bare thighs, his lips trailing down her neck and collarbone. He shouldn't be doing this. Not again, after he'd learnt his lesson, but she was too strong.
"If I go of my influence, will you attempt to hut me?" Michele asked, running her hands down his biceps and to his hips. She would much rather that he wanted her as much as she wanted him right now.
Would he? His head shook to signify a no, a small encouragement to get back on track of things, which was their moment of pleasure. He should have been angry when she had admitted to have been influencing him, but his thoughts weren't straight at the moment, and all he wanted right then was her.
Michele moaned softly at his touches, wondering if she should let him free of her influence. She didn't want him to stop. She pressed her lips heatedly to his.
Trey gladly continued to kiss her just as passionately, rolling them around on the bed so he was on top, his lips edging down her chest, teasing.
"Oh yes, baby," Michele purred, happy that he was taking control. He had to want her, or he would just be laying back and taking it. She slowly started to pull back some of her influence.
His hands splayed over her naked body, slowly descending to her panties, and every so often slipping into them, drawing back out, just to get her worked up, while his lips caressed her breasts and made their way back up to her lips, sharing a rough kiss. He felt more in control now, and wanted nothing more than to do what he was doing.
Michele slowly let her influence completely leave him as they kissed. He was teasing her, and she loved it. She arched into his warm, muscular body, wanting him to touch her even more.
His growl was a mix between a moan and a plea, wanting her closer, needing her closer. He again took time to slip the dainty underwear down her slender legs, letting his fingers dance over the bare skin.
Michele purred wantonly, ripping off Trey's shirt. She growled, running her hands greedily over his hard chest. "Oh yeah, baby," she purred. "Show me how much you want it."
And he did. His member was throbbing for her, and it didn't take much for him to pull his boxers off, rub his erection against her legs, and let his fingers creep along her thighs.
"Oh..." Michele whimpered, rocking her hips against his. "You just love to tease," It was so hot, and he was making her ache for him.
"You love it," he whispered, finally unable to hold back, he brought her hips to his in a sudden move, his member slipping inside her at such a speed he was gasping for half a second before recovering and thrusting into her body roughly, his lips hot on her neck.
"Yes I do," Michele moaned, moving her hips fast and rough along with his. She nipped playfully at his neck, careful to not break the skin.
"You can't get.. Pregnant, can you?" he asked in between thrusts, barely a whisper. A growl broke out, his eyes rolling with the intense pleasure. Almost forgetting the small troubles.
He couldn't go through with another pregnancy. Not ever again.
"I can't," Michele assured him, catching onto his thoughts. She didn't ask about it, not willing to ruin their moment. She kissed his neck and check, leaving small marks.
That was more than good enough for him. His thrusts were quickened, harder, and his kisses matched the ferocity. Her soft touches made him shiver with excitement.
He growled deep, his hands gliding across her beautiful chest and to her back, pushing her closer to him, his lips on her collarbone.
Michele purred pleasantly, hitching a leg around his hip, bringing him deeper. "You're so sexy," she murmured. He gave a sharp growl in sudden pleasure, before adding, ''That's what I'm told.''
"Mm, so cocky," Michele whispered, nipping his shoulder. She loved his attitude, when it wasn't focused on hurting her.
His grin never faltered, ''I've been told that too, but the sexiness overrules that.'' His hands were at her lower back, thrusting harder into her, small grunts as she nipped him. ''That feels so good.''
Michele moaned loudly against his skin in agreement. "Yes, so good," she whispered, moving her hips a little faster. She was coming so close to release.
Trey's breathing hitched, leaving him gasping for air. His climax wasn't far off. ''You're. Fucking. Great. At. This,'' he moaned each word with every thrust.
Michele smiled breathlessly at the compliment, her hips moving in rhythm with his. "I'm going to come," she whispered, her walls quivering around his length.
''Then come with me,'' he offered, the words barely spoken due to lack of breath. He felt himself begin to snap, heat build up to the extreme, and thrusted one last time, immediately groaning.
Michele cried out his name as she finally came around his length, her body trembling with the intense pleasure, bringing him over the edge with her.
Trey groaned again, pulling out from her, and flopping down on the bed beside her, his breathing ragged and quick, slowly returning to normal. His body still pulsed from the heat of before, and he smiled, reliving the feeling, turning his head to see Michele.
Michele smiled tiredly, laying her head on his chest. She was happy he enjoyed it, and wasn't trying to kill her. She nipped his skin gently, pulling a sheet over their bodies.
Trey moaned softly, his eyes fluttering shut as he revelled in her touches. His hand wrapped around her waist, fingers dancing teasingly over the skin.
"Mm," Michele murmured, feeling content. She let the lights in the room go out, leaving them in a comfortable darkness. His body was warm and smelled amazing, like the woods.
Trey's heart had now slowed to its normal rhythm, entirely comfortable with her, nuzzling closer. He tried to fight against sleeping, wanting to stay in that peaceful moment, but he couldn't, and instead dreamed of it all, letting it replay.
Michele kissed his cheek, bringing his body close to hers as she too closed her eyes, ready for sleep. Now, she just had to make sure Darren didn't find out... She fell asleep thinking of that, a small fear plaguing her mind.
The first thing Trey noticed as he wakened up that morning was the smell of lemongrass, which he loved. Next, the comfortable feeling of knowing someone was with him. Finally, as he opened his eyes, he had to get out. His eyes widened as he recognised the beautiful face lying on his chest was Michele. Careful, he detached himself from her, pulled on his clothes, and left.
Michele woke up cold and alone in her bed. She frowned, looking around, but she didn't spot Trey. She stood; slipping on a tiny robe that left little to the imagination, and wondered out of the room, wondering where he could have went.
"Have you guys seen Trey?" Michele asked, appearing barely dressed in the room.
Trey had stumbled into the large expansive games room which had many vampires and few werewolves looking at him with curiosity. So maybe he did look like he ran away from a night of pleasure, he was sure they had once too.
Trey silently pleaded for them to not rat him out. ''He's hiding behind the pool table over there,'' one vampire pointed off to the left, directly at Trey. 'Son of a b-' He dashed out of the room, trying to get away from her.
Michele appeared in front of trey, causing him to stop abruptly. "What's wrong?" she asked, her face full of hurt. She thought he was going to be nicer towards her now... He had seemed fine last night, even without her influence.
''What's wrong?'' Trey repeated, shocked. ''What did you do to me last night? That's what's wrong.'' He knew well that most of it was just him, but couldn't admit to doing that. Especially since the last vampire he had in bed broke his heart, or rather made him who he was today.
Michele frowned, crossing her arms. "I didn't do anything. You could have stopped if you wanted to, but you didn't."
How do I get out of this? ''No, you influenced me, I remember. You think I'm stupid, bloodsucker?'' he sneered, trying to get rid of her through nasty words, while his eyes dared not drop to admire her body he still remembered well.
"I did not influence you the whole time," Michele insisted, his words stinging her. She frowned and turned to leave. He was mean. She wanted to find Darren.
''It shouldn't have happened. Just forget it,'' he said, relief washing over him as she turned away from him. Yet, he heart lurched at his words. He'd never forget, as much as he would claim to.
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Kat & Christopher

Kat smiled up at Christopher. "You're staying in my room," she told him.
Christopher chuckled, leaning down and kissing Kat. "I think I'll take you up on that offer. So, mind showing me this room of ours?"

Katherine led Christopher up the stairs, to her bedroom at the mansion. "Here we are." It was as big as an apartment.

"Wow. You vamps sure do go all out, huh?" he laughed, looking up at the large chandelier and spinning around as he took everything in. "Wait, this is our room?"
Kat smiled at him, taking a seat on the bed. "Yes, this is now our room," She was happy to have him to share it with.
"We should make use of this 'big' bed," he said, acknowledging the grandness of everything, a large mischievous smile on his face as he closed the distance between them.
Kat smiled, laying back on the bed and pulling him down with her. "I have to agree," she said, kissing his chest.
His hands slipped under her shirt, lips trailing on her neck as he whispered, "Good."
Kat rolled them over so that he was lying under her body. "I think we should get something to eat first. You haven't eaten all day," And it worried her.
"Eh, okay. But then no more interruptions afterwards," Christopher grinned, kissing her passionately before pulling away.

"Nope, promise," Kat smiled and went to her built in kitchen. "So what would you like?"

"Whatever you have. Oh, chicken?" he asked, laughing. They'd discussed that before, how she hated it, and he loved it.
Kat rolled her eyes. "Nope, none of that. How about a hamburger, wolf boy?"
He gave a whine, his puppy-dog eyes trained on her, silently pleading for chicken. "But I prefer chicken, sweetie." A smile tugging at his lips.
"Aw, you're so cute," Kat couldn't help but comply and reach into her freezer in search of chicken. She found a small one that the maid must have put in their just in case. "It's your lucky day, Chris. How do you like it cooked?"
Christopher jumped round and wrapped her in his arms, laughing loudly. "You're beautiful. And mine." He licked her cheek once, and then added, "Whatever. I love it all ways.
"You lick me too much," Kat commented, wiping her cheek with the back of her hand. "But I love you too, dog."
"But licking for me is a way of showing our love. And I love you more, Katherine." It was the first time he said her full name, having only knew her as 'Kat' until Darren.
Kat loved hearing her name on his lips. "Okay, fine. Lick me all you want, but no drool," she teased.
"With pleasure. But now I know what you don't like, I can blackmail you, sweetie," he winked, kissing her lips passionately.
Kat kissed him back heatedly, hopping up to wrap her legs around his waist. "You keep distracting me," she murmured.
His hands slid down her thighs, trailing over them softly, his lips still against hers in a heated kiss. "But I like distractions."
"Mm, I do too, baby, but we need to feed you," Kat murmured in between kisses.

"Why are you always waking us up to realization? You're so mature, it's very cute, Kat." He licked her cheek, trying to control his breathing.
"I'm pretty old, so I should be mature," Kat said, smiling, happy that she was cute. She nuzzled his shoulder, purring like a kitten.
"Now you're milking your cuteness," he teased, laughing, and rubbing her back with gentle patterns. "And age doesn't matter. You could be a thousand years old, and act like a five year old, silly."

Kat kept on purring happily. Vampires were more like cats than anything. "Let me go cook now, before I forget about it and head right for dessert," she teased, nipping at his neck.
"Fine. But the faster the better, sweetie," Christopher laughed, kissing her cheek quickly. "Dessert is more enjoyable when you have to wait painfully for it."
Kat rolled her eyes and called him a couple of not-so-nice names in Russian as she began to prepare the chicken. "Go make a salad or something," she ordered.
"Salads are icky. Just meat is yummy," he teased, running his hand over her back as he walked past to get to the fridge. "So what language were you speaking in, and what'd you say?"
"Russian, and none of your business, nosy," Kat kissed his nose cutely before turning on the oven to heat it. "I lived with Darren in Russia for almost a hundred years."
"I wasn't being nosy, just curious, sweetie," he grinned. Then his smile faltered just a little, "What's Darren to you? Have you two been..?"
"Together? Sexual? Yes to both," Kat admitted, sliding the chicken into the oven. "Not anymore, obviously."
Christopher still felt jealous, even though it was in the past. "Thanks for being honest," he smiled, tugging her to him when she was finished preparing the food. "You know I love you, right? Or did I fail to mention that?"
"You didn't forget, but I love to hear it," Kat said, smiling over at him. "I'm happy you're not upset about Darren," She hated overly jealous men.
"Mmh, I guessed as much. Yeah, well, why would I be upset? I'm the one with the badass girl," he winked, saluting to her.
Kat winked at him from over her shoulder and reached for a coke in the fridge. "Thirsty, baby?" she asked.
"Is that a mean joke?" he laughed, coming from behind and wrapping his arms around her. "Maybe I am."
Katherine rolled her eyes at his flirting. "Here," She shoved the coke at him. "Drink up."
He looked down at it, pouting. "You can be blunt sometimes," he mock-whined, drinking the coke.
Kat flashed him a smile and went to sit at the table. "But I'm sexy. It makes up for it.”
"And blunt again. But very sexy." His grin was widespread, and he crept over to the table, kneeling down in front of her, his head in her lap, "And you're cosy."
Kat stroked his hair softly. "You're such a puppy," she murmured, laying her head back and relaxing as he relaxed against her lap.
"Do you like puppies?" he asked, a smile in the words, whimpering happily as she stroked his hair.
"I love them," Kat smiled and scratched behind his ears. He was the cutest little thing.
He groaned, his hands coming up to catch hers, bringing them to his lips. "Good thing, because I'm in love with you, and I can't let you go. Ever."
Katherine lowered herself to her knees beside him. "I feel the same way, baby." **
Michele rolled them over, taking the top spot. "Oh yes," she groaned, squeezing his hips, the coil in her stomach tightening pleasantly.
His fingers stroked her cheeks, down her neck, and he smiled at her. "What if I wanted to marry you? Would Darren allow that?"
Kat smiled at the idea. "I think he would, yes. There are vampires and wolves married here," And Darren didn't control all of her decisions.

''There is? But...'' that's against society, he finished off silently. It was shocking to know this was going on the entire time. Yet, relieving to know they weren't alone at how they felt.
"Darren believes in freedom," Kat explained, taking his hand. "That's why a lot of people choose to live here."
He smiled, stroking her thigh again with his free hand, ''I think I like it here. It already feels like home.''
"That's good," Kat wanted him to feel comfortable. "I want you to be comfortable here. It's not like we can go back to my house..."
He looked up with a sorrowful expression, ''I'm sorry about your house. If you want, I'll go back tomorrow when the coasts clear to get your things.'' If there was anything. ''Trey will regret that. Wait, is he still here? Shouldn't Darren lock him up or something?''
"Darren wouldn't do that. If he does anything that puts someone in danger, he'll kill him," Katherine laid her head down on Chris' shoulder. "I'm sure there's nothing left at the house now. Just ash..."
Christopher hated his brother sure, but not so much as to want to see him dead. ''I wouldn't be able to let Darren do that. And I’ll go anyway. I'm sorry, sweetie.''
"Darren will do what he wants. Your brother agreed to his rules," Katherine explained softly. "If he hurts Michele, I won't even try to stop Darren from killing him."

''Well, I won't let it happen without a fight. Why Michele? Is she Darren's queen or something?'' That would be the only reason Trey would single out a vampire; if they were somehow relevant to his plots against vampires, he'd ruin them.

"You could say that. They've been in an on and off relationship for a long time, but they're best friends. Darren would kill anyone who tried to be with her," Kat said with a small laugh.
''Guessed as much. 'With her'? Trey?'' Christopher barked out a laugh. ''Then I have no worries.'' Because he knew Trey didn't, nor would ever, do vampires. He was the most vampire-hating person he knew.
Katherine giggled, standing to check on the chicken. "I know. That would never happen." Michele seemed to hate Trey.

''Lucky for us. Less hassle,'' he grinned, licking his lips as he asked, ''ready yet?''
"Yup, all ready," Kat said, shutting off the oven and putting it on the stove to cool. "And yes, no hassle. It's all going to work out fine."
''Great! Not long till desert now, sweetie,'' Christopher winked, getting to his feet and walking over to her, kissing her forehead.
Kat rolled her eyes at his horny-ness. "Eat up, baby," She prepared him a huge plate, to fill him up. **
''I will,'' Christopher laughed, doing just that, gracefully digging into the beautiful tasteful meal. It didn't take long before he was finished and was jumping at Kat. ''Now my favourite meal.''
Katherine giggled, happy he had enjoyed it. She lounged back on the bed, because she had retired to there when she had finished. "I'm happy you--"
Christopher was already stripping as he pulled his shirt off and knocking his shoes off, began unzipping his pants, leaning towards Kat. ''Of course I enjoyed it, you're one hell of a cook. But I've a feeling I'll enjoy desert some more.''
"Oh, you pig," Katherine giggled, pulling him onto the bed and slipping out of her dress. "You're addicted."
''I can happily say I'm proud to be addicted to you and our yummy desert,'' he teased, running his hands down her sexy body, eyes on hers. ''I'm so lucky,'' he whispered before kissing her.
Kat smiled, nipping at his earlobe. "I love it when you act like a lovable puppy," she told him, letting him stroke her body. "I'm luckier than you are."
He chuckled, licking her cheek to further milk her comment. ''I love it when you get bossy.'' His eyes held a dangerous glow to them, mischievous smile on his face, and he leaned in again to kiss her.
"I always am," Katherine said with a smile, kissing him lovingly, teasing him. "So you always love me."

He bit his lower lip, stopping to gaze at her, ''You're right. And I'll never stop. Ever. I promise,'' he whispered, his hands skimming over her chest and stomach. ''Do you work out? You look as if you do. You're so strong.''
"I do," Kat admitted, stroking his chest. "But I'm only strong because I'm a vampire. I--"

"Kat," Michele sobbed, suddenly appearing in the bedroom in front of the nearly naked couple. She didn't care, she crawled right in bed, sad but not yet crying, and hugged her sister. "Trey's so mean,"
Christopher toppled onto the ground, laughing at how ridiculous the scene before them would look. Then he heard Trey's name from Michele's lips, he froze, snapping out of it and asking more in demand, ''What'd Trey do to you?'' He thought because they hated each other so much they would have kept their distance. Yet it seemed the opposite. Trey probably had challenged her to a fight, hoping to kill her. That was what Christopher thought anyway as he pulled his pants on.
"We slept together and he liked it, I swear to god he did!" Michele cried, getting angry. "Then he just ignores me and--he's so rude!" She hadn't thought she would actually like Trey, but sleeping together had been amazing, and it made her feel something.

Katherine stared at her sister in total shocked silence. "Wow...Wow..." That was all she could say. It was the most unsuspected thing.
Her outburst caused Christopher to freeze, dropping his pants as he was just zipping them up, and gaping at Michele. ''What? But Trey.. WHAT?'' He couldn't believe it; Trey had slept with Michele, after refusing most women, and always had that hatred for 'bloodsuckers' as he called them, he had gone and got involved with MICHELE?!
Michele gave Christopher a death glare and curled up on the bed with her sister. "I'm going to kill him," Kat whispered, stroking her sister hair. ''If I don't, Darren will."
He recovered, finally fastening his pants and throwing his shirt on and addressed Michele, ''No one's killing him. Why would he have sex with you if he hates you so much? How did that even start?''
Michele glared at the sheets. "I influenced him...But then I stopped, and he kept doing it. He wanted it too." She had just wanted to be with someone, that was all.
''But why Trey? You have Darren,'' Christopher blurted, apologizing Kat for letting that piece of info slip. ''What I also don't get is why Trey would continue. Not that there's anything wrong with you,'' he was quick to add, ''But Trey is Trey, an anti-vampire lover. Did he say anything to you last night?''
"He never said it, but he had a girlfriend that he got pregnant, or something," Michele grumbled, giving him another glare. "And I don’t have Darren--he has me." She didn't even want Darren like that.
He frowned, ''No he didn't. He never had a girlfriend. You must have heard wrong, but it doesn't help anyway. Why do you-'' he broke off, being interrupted by a knock at the door in the kitchen, which was directly in his line of vision from where he stood in the bedroom, then followed by an agitated vampire poking her head in. ''Um there's a were that wishes to speak to Christopher. Trey.'' Christopher looked at both Kat and Michele, shrugging, ''Tell him to come in.''
Michele sat up on the bed, glaring towards the door as Trey started to enter. Katherine snarled, ready to rip his throat out of he hurt her sister again.
Trey has stormed in, ready to threaten Christopher into leaving when he stumbled and almost fell after seeing two vampires in bed, one that Christopher had taken to, the other.. Michele. ''What's going on?'' Trey demanded, looking from the dishevelled Christopher to the two vampires in bed. Did they..? Michele moved on that quickly? His expression turned sour at the though of the many diseases he could have caught from her last night. Christopher slammed the door shut, blocking Trey's escape.
"My sister came in here for comfort after you were a jerk to her," Kat growled, flashing in front of Trey. "Apologize, right now, or I swear I'll kill you."

"Katherine!" Michele snarled, before breaking off into a fight with her, completely in Russian.
Trey scoffed, ''As if. Michele's the one who influenced me. What goes around comes around.'' Trey looked on confused as he watched Michele defend him? What the- ''who did you get pregnant?'' Christopher suddenly asked, making Trey growl, ''None of your bloody business!''
Michele stormed away as Kat began to yell at her in Russian. She threw a lamp, Katherine threw a plate. The whole time, they were oblivious to Trey and Christopher.
''None of my business? I'm your brother! Who did you get pregnant? Was it Eliza? I don't care if you two-'' Christopher was saying, Trey shoving him hard, ''Of course not! I don't lik- Just get off my case! You didn't know her!'' He finished it with a strong punch to his brother's jaw. ''Who was she?'' Christopher wasn't so much fazed, and hit back, snapping out a penknife from his pocket and holding it at Trey's throat. ''Who?'' Trey growled, no longer caring about hiding it, ''A vampire. She's dead now.''
Both Michele and Katherine stopped their fighting. "How did you get a vampire pregnant?" Michele asked, wide eyed. "Was she a born vampire?" That was so rare, so she doubted it.
''I don't know! I don't know anything about your bloody kind! All she said was she was part royalty. She's gone, so none of it matters anymore,'' he grumbled, stalking to the door. Why were they all staring at him like that? ''Did you kill her?'' Christopher asked, still shocked. How could he not have known? ''No. I would never-'' he shook his head, meeting Michele's gaze before he left.
Michele's face turned from a glare to a perfect pout. She followed him out the door, slamming it behind her.

Kat looked over at Christopher in exasperation. "The world is going insane."
''Tell me about it. Trey and Michele? Trey getting another vampire pregnant? What is the world coming to?'' he asked no one in particular, closing the distance between them, ''And we were interrupted during an important event.''

"Christopher," Kat whispered, looking up at him with a small smile. "You're so horny." Nothing fazed him for long, she thought, kissing his lips. She was still only in her undergarments, and him only in his pants.

"Well, why wouldn't I be? I've got you, sitting there looking delicious-" he broke off to tackle her back on the bed, landing him on top of her, his lips nipping down her neck, just the way she had did to him. And his hands sliding up her bare sides, wanting to arouse her.

"Mm," Kat murmured, her body squirming happily under his. "You're so naughty," And she loved it. She stretched out her neck, letting him nibble and kiss it all he wanted. She enjoyed it.

"Am I? I was always the good little dog back at home. Just goes to show you what love can do to you." His lips nibbled her earlobe, "It messes with your head," he teased, hips grinding softly with hers.
"Mm, I can tell," Kat said, moaning softly and grinding her hips right back. "You are such a bad little doggy," she teased.

"But bad little doggies have all the fun. What do you say, pussycat?" he smirked, licking her cheek, then her neck, their hips now in a slow erotic dance to one another. "Want to break the rules?"
"I love breaking rules," Katherine answered, rolling them, then straddling his lap. She slowly pulled down his boxers, pulling out his hardened length. "Don't you?"

His head fell back in the moment of bliss, a small growl working its way through his lips, his tongue licking with anticipation. "Yes. Bloody hell, do it already!" he moaned, arching himself to her, wanting her.

"Gladly," Katherine whispered, before slipping off her panties, unclasping her bra, then lowering herself slowly onto his length. "Mm, you feel so good."

A loud growl erupted from his lips, having built up over the small period of her teasing. "I'm getting a hundred times that," Christopher murmured, thrusting his body into hers, his hands pulling her body down to his, caressing her breasts.

Katherine purred in pleasure, her lips moving slowly to his, catching him in a loving kiss. My Christopher, she thought, moaning as he thrust up and into her.
"I can't believe I have you," Christopher whispered, groaning in intense pleasure, kissing her passionately again.

"I could say the same thing," Katherine whispered, her breath coming out in sharp pants. He filled her up so completely.
"Oh God, you know how to make me weak for you," he growled, laughing. His hips grinding into hers at a faster pace, hands tugging her body closer to his, making the thrusts deeper.
Alex knocked on the vampire lair's door, waiting impatiently for someone to answer. This place was where King Darren was receded, thus her Christopher was here. Her grin was mischievous as she thought of him, yet again. How fun he was to play with. What feary wouldn't like him?
Katherine heard the knocking and ignored it as she kissed Christopher, both of them wrapped up in the blankets together. The knocking persisted, so finally she stood. "Let me get that. I'll be right back," Darren and Michele were probably busy.

Kat slipped on a black robe and tied her hair back in a messy bun. She headed to the front door, pulling open the door quickly. "What do you want?" she wanted to get back to Christopher.

"A Were, by the name of Christopher. He needs to see me right away," she said seriously to the girl. "It's very important." She grinned again, her eyes brushing past the girl, not interested in the slightest.

Christopher sat back on the bed, regaining his breath, a smile on his lips. He was so in love with Kat. Hell, she had made him crazy the past hour. He couldn't wait for her to return, and got up, pulling boxers and pants on, walking out and down to search for Kat, finally spotting her at the door, called, "You took to long and I-" he broke off, frowning at the girl she was talking to. "Alex?"

The bright lilac eyed girl looked as if she was starving when her eyes fell on him. "Christopher Feltz. I missed you. Won't you return to my side where you rightfully belong?" Alex pushed past Kat, ignoring her.
"What--" Katherine let the door close, turning around to look at Christopher with a confused expression. Alex...? Oh, hell no, it better not be an ex, she thought. She crossed her arms over a chest, not wanting to get into another fight.
Christopher looked up at Kat with an apology on his face, then his face contorted into anger at Alex. "We broke up, remember? That means we are NO MORE. Go home, Alex."
Alex sighed, smiling, "But our kisses are binding, and we kissed, so that means you're mine. Like marriage without the workload of signing."

"That's why.. You wouldn't let me kiss you on the lips again after that first time..?"
"Correct. Finally. Took you long enough to figure out. Anyway, I need my companion back at the court, so you need to come with me." Alex had wound her arm in his, about to walk towards the door.
"No! I'm not with you. I don't care about a bind. I love someone else," he looked up to Kat, silently begging her to help him get out of the messy situation.
"You really need to give me the scoop on all of your exes," Katherine said, her eyes trained on the faerie girl. She glared wickedly before suddenly grabbing the bitch by her hair. She started dragging her towards the door. "So, Alex, don't come back. Ever. Bye bye." She pushed her out of the door before she could speak.
"Sorry," he grimaced at Kat. "I didn't really think it mat-What the hell?!" he clutched his head, a searing pain erupting from inside. "What is this?" he got out rather breathlessly, trying to get over it.

The door opened, a small whisk of Alex's fingers having swiped into the air. "He's binded to me, so he has to do as I say. He's mine. And, you'll regret what you did to me, even if I can fix it up in a second, you still did it." She was sneering at Kat, ready to change her into something. "Perhaps you'd make a good pig..?"
Kat growled at the girl, taking a step in front of Christopher to shield him. "Binds can be broken," she snarled. "So can transformations, little faerie. Leave, before I am forced to hurt you." Because she wanted too. So, so badly.
Alex glared up at her, deciding to return later and finish the job. "Fine. But he's still mine, and I'm not letting that go." She withdrew her power from him, watching him fall limp to the ground and puff out a heavy breath. "Later, Christopher. You'll see the damage you caused in refusing." With that, she skipped out the door, humming faery lyrics.
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Darren & Eliza
Eliza crept through the third window into a spacious room, pulling her just-above-the-knee-length black dress down from where it had ridden up her body after her climbing, and eyes roamed over the enormous gold-tinged metal bed and ruffled silk sheets, the bold ruby carpet at her feet and the shiny glass wardrobe projecting her stunned expression back at her. She glared then, at the entire sight. "Bloodsuckers take more than blood," she grumbled, her senses on high alert. "Who even owns this room? The Queen?" It was a sarcastic comment, one of which she was unknowingly wasn't far off.
"You're not far off," Darren said, having appeared silently at the bathroom door. He was shirtless, having just gotten out of the shower. "And may I ask what you are doing in my room, wolf?" Darren wasn't feeling too friendly. His eyes pieced into hers, looking murderous. He was sick and tired of all the self-righteous wolves.
She jumped around to face his, eyes briefly sneaking a peek at his oh so cut chest that- Wrong thoughts. Her head held high, she replied back, "Knew it. What, you don't have wolves venturing into your room at all hours of the day?" she scoffed, crossing her arms over her chest and standing stubborn. "Are you going to kill me now O-Mighty One?" she taunted, eyebrows raised. Just great. Stumble into the king's room. Brilliant, Eliza. Brilliant.
"Not yet," Darren was beside her suddenly, looking her up and down. "Hmm, you smell familiar. A pack leader, I presume?" He would enjoy killing her.
Turning her seductive charm full on, she looked up at him through her sooty eye lashes, playing innocent. "Maybe we met before? It wouldn't surprise me, you look like my type." A slow smile spread across her face, her entire acting the opposite of her scheming thoughts. To add to it, her fingers brushed over his bare chest, eyes never wavering from his.
Darren stared down at her stonily. "Are you trying to flirt with me?" he asked, appalled. He could never be with a werewolf. He backed away from her, but kept his eyes on hers. "What do you want?"
At least I'm not the only one who feels this way, her thoughts spoke, internally groaning at the disgusting thought of vampires and Weres mixing. "Did I scare you?" Eliza asked in her sugary-coated voice, advancing to him a step. "What do you think I want?"
"You didn't scare me," Darren assured, backing up another step. "Since you didn't seem to know that this was my room, I believe that you were looking for your pack mate. The boy, Christopher?"
"Then why are you trying to get away?" her eyebrows rose, waiting. At the mention of Christopher's name, she scowled, quickly hiding her utter disgust with him. After what he did, she didn't care for him. He had abandoned his family, her, for the bloodsucker. Not worth it. All she wanted now was to finish off the vampires, and Christopher in the process if needs be. "No, I'm not here for him. And who says I didn't know this was your room? Maybe I did, hoping to catch a glimpse of you.." she rolled her eyes at his small steps to leave, reaching out and grasping his shoulders, tugged him to her. "Prove you're not scared."
Darren snarled, snatching her wrist in his hard grip and tearing her away from him. "Being scared and being repulsed are two different things. If you wish to live, I suggest you leave right away," His fangs were out now, his calm demeanour leaving. He was pissed at having her intruding into his space, no matter how sexy she was. He couldn't help but notice.
She shook herself out, hiding the snarls she wanted badly to direct at him. "I'm not leaving," Eliza spoke coldly, determined not to let him get to her. "What, are you going to bite me? I'd like to see you try."
"I bet you would," Darren murmured, and with a sudden force he tossed her onto his bed. She bounced high before landing still on her bottom. "Tell me why you are truly here?"
It took Eliza a moment or two to catch her breath before she recovered from the shock and grinned up at him, "To see you. I got lonely.." she taunted, inwardly gagging. He may look everything she admired, but he was one of 'them', a bloodsucker.
"I somehow don't buy that story. I'll ask you one more time to either tell me the truth, or get out of my house," Darren didn't take his eyes away from her, not letting them stray over her body anymore.
Pouting, Eliza slid off the bed, getting to her feet, her hands on his shoulders. Seducing was one of her top traits. And she always won. "Why not? Can't you tell I'm attracted to you? That I want you?" her lips were on his neck now.
Darren's eyes widened in a rare moment of surprise. Was she actually telling the truth...No, she couldn't be. He pushed her away again, this time not quite as hard. "You don't want me. You want something from me."
She had seen the difference in reaction towards her in that brief moment. So she had affected him, but he was stronger than her usual victim. "Why on earth would you think that? What would I want besides you?" her voice was sugar coated again, eyes looking bashfully innocent, advancing one step closer to him again.
Darren backed up another step. He was becoming dangerously close to the wall. "I don't want to hurt you for no reason. Leave, just leave now." He was a little bit panicked, because he wasn't used to non-mortal girls being all over him, or to having women other than Michele and Katherine in his room.

Eliza gave out a huffed sigh, sad and disappointed he hadn't fallen over her yet, but a little delighted by her effect on him. Her hands shot out, grabbing his forearms and pulling him to her, her lips just brushing his. "Don't lie," she breathed, one hand coming to grasp his, bringing his hand to her neck, and trailing it down her body, down until the end of her dress, letting it rest there before letting go, letting her own hands skim down his fit chest, biting back the gasp that wanted to erupt from her lips. He was so beautiful.
Darren stared at her with wide eyes, his hand squeezing her thigh against his will. "What's your name...?"
Her eyes almost lidded. "E-Eliza," she said, trying to keep her strength and mind. She was the seducer, not he. Don't get pulled into it!
"And you're King..?"
"No one calls me a king," Darren snarled. He hated the title. "I'm Darren," He squeezed her thigh a little more firmly, and this time he was the one making her back up and he walked them towards his bed. She was so hard to resist.
"King Darren," Eliza whispered into his face, her lips almost covering his. As he took them closer to the bed, her breathing was heavier, and she mentally slapped herself to control herself. 'You've done this a million times over. He's just another toy.' One of her hands had come back up, entwining in his hair, pulling his face closer.
When their lips brushed, Darren suddenly pushed her, sending her flying flat against the wall. "So you were tricking me," That small kiss was all it took for him to get into her mind, seeing what she had planned. "Out. Now."
"Tricking you?" she repeated, eyes blinking back in confusion. Half the reason due to being too consumed by him, and the other like her thoughts were screaming 'How does he know?" I wasn't tricking you. You do really want me. I saw it in your eyes. You can't deny that. So why stop?" Her body was still pressed tight against the wall, not daring to move, yet ready to defend herself if need be.
"I read your thoughts," Darren growled back, reaching towards the dresser. He pulled out a sharp, long knife. "Leave, wolf." Yes, for a second he had wanted her, but he wasn't going to let himself be used.
Her jaw dropped, gaping. She was.. failing? "King Darren," she began, knowing well he hated that, as he had said so earlier, "You couldn't have read my thoughts if you don't know.. If you don't know that I wanted you too." There, she admitted it. But inside, she tried to tell herself it was just to sway him under her control again. Nothing more. Or was it? She hauled herself off the wall, walking slowly towards him, not intimidated by the knife. That much.
"I read those as well, but it doesn't matter to me," The knife was suddenly at her throat, close enough to kill her if he pleased. "I will not be used, even if there is want hidden in your mind." It hurt him t say that, because his body ached to have hers.
What was happening? This can't be. She felt like such a failure as she stood there, and calmed her heart and mind from lashing out, her natural instinct.
Her arm suddenly hit out at his elbow, striking his nerve system hard, causing the knife to fall between them, and Eliza pushed him back, onto the bed as she came down and straddled him.
Her plan? Distract him long enough to- She pulled the small wooden stake from her boot, pressing it into his back, aimed at the heart. "You should have listened," she whispered in his ear, pressing harder into the skin, enough to pierce the skin and begin to draw blood.
Why was she hesitating? Just do it and get it over with! her mind screamed, and yet her hand never moved an inch.
Darren growled with pain. Why hadn't he just killed her when he had the chance/ But he noticed her hesitation as well and rolled them, so he was straddling her. He pulled the stake from his skin and threw it across the room. He barred his fangs, snarling at her. "I was hoping this wouldn't have to be messy. Now I'll have to tear your throat out."
She fought against him, trying to overturn the tables again; take control of the situation. "You underestimate my strength," she murmured, half shifting so that her tail, teeth and claws were visible, and lashed her clawed paw into his back.
Should have finished the job. Where's the stake? Her eyes darted along the bed, but couldn't find it, knew it must have been thrown to the ground, she rolled them over, toppling them both to the ground in a heap, Eliza on top of Darren. Eliza's tail was caught under his weight, and she whimpered, lifting his body a little of the ground, snatching her tail free, and slamming him roughly back down, his head getting a bang with it. She almost felt sorry for him. Stop with the emotions and find the stake. It was lying not far from his head, but still out of her reach, and she had him tied down pretty well. What's the plan now? Beat him until he's unconscious, then stake him?
Darren snapped at her wrist, catching it in his grip. He used his strength to toss her over, but held back so he wouldn't hurt her too bad. After realizing what he had done, he growled. He had to stop acting like both of them were going to get away alive. He snatched the stake and snapped it in half before tossing it out the window, then he reached for another knife. He advanced on Eliza, seeing her body still on the ground. "I'm sorry," he said sincerely, before lunging.
She moaned, beginning to ache. She moved at the last second, and unfortunately the knife got at her forearm. The blood oozed slowly from the wound, and she jumped to her feet weakly, breathing hard and prepared to fight. It was her determination above all else that got her the place as a leader. She couldn't let her people down. One, and more than likely it was two now, had already dimmed her family's faith in their strength, so letting this king win would ruin it all. "Why would you be sorry? You live to do this. That's your destiny. You enjoy this. But I won't let that happen this time." Her strong words were hiding the small amount of fear of no weapons and an injured arm.
If I shifted.. But she couldn't kill a king with her teeth alone. The knife. It had a wooden handle. If she got that, then she could snap it and use it as a stake. Eliza jumped at him, kicking out at the hand with the knife.
"Bitch," Darren snarled, keeping a grip on the knife even as she lunged for it. He threw her down again, this time on the bed. She jumped onto her body, pinning her down as she thrashed, trying to get the knife from his grip. She was strong, that was for sure. Sexy too…
The smell of her blood slowly made its way to Darren's senses. He snarled and bent, planning on ripping out her throat and forgetting all about the knife, until...their lips brushed. One touch proved to be too much, and suddenly he was kissing her roughly, the knife clattering to the floor.
Eliza was surprised, but had automatically fallen under his spell, returning the rough kiss, her fingers gripping his hair roughly and keeping him in place. Shouldn't be doing this. He was.. amazing. Her body was hot for him, and she felt herself moan under his lips, arching her body to his. How many men could do that to her? None until Darren. She didn't even feel the deep wound or the stinging pain in her legs. Just him. Everywhere his skin met hers. She thrusted her tongue through his parted lips, burning with passion.
Darren didn't worry about being slow or gentle. He kissed her harshly, tearing off her dress and throwing it to the floor. His hands travelled over her body, squeezing it hard enough to leave bruises. She was sexy and so hard to resist. He nipped at her bottom lip, then moved his lips to her neck, where he sucked and kissed the skin roughly.
Her groans of pleasure had never been so loud. Never before had anyone treated her the way she had always wanted, until now. It felt right to have him touch her like that, and she encouraged him by pressing into him harder, her fingers trailing down his back, nails scraping along the skin, and tugging at the towel that barely covered him below the waist. Eliza was surprised it hadn't fallen off during their fight. With the pressure on her neck, she felt giddy at the thought of marks left by him. Darren's doing. Finally, she tugged the towel hard enough that it came off and threw it across the room, deciding on pleasuring him.
Darren groaned with want, his hands tearing off her bra then moving to squeeze her breasts roughly. "Mm, you like that, don't you?" he asked, almost growling. She was turning him on so, so much.
"Yes," she groaned, pushing her chest harder into his hands. "Bite me," she demanded, asking him to do what no vampire had done to her before. She was unblemished, and she wanted him to change that. Eliza wanted the pain and pleasure to mix. Her hands were stroking his hardened member fast, taunting him.
"With pleasure," Darren growled, suddenly sinking his sharp fangs into her pure, pale skin. He moaned as the sweet taste of her blood exploded in his mouth, making his hips move slowly, grinding against her palm.
At first contact, the fangs sinking in deep, she gasped in pain, groaning with pleasure a second later. With one hand, she moved it up to his hair, clutching the soft strands at the back of his head and pulling on them tight, keeping his head at her neck as she arched it closer to him. What surprised her was after hearing countless tales of how a vampire bite was suffering, this was actually.. arousing. No pain at all, besides the first second.
Darren growled softly against the wound, drinking in more of her sweet blood. His hands found their way to her breasts, which he squeezed roughly, beginning to knead them harshly. He wanted to leave marks all over her sexy body. He had never been attracted to somebody so much.
Oh hell, he was so hard. And he was making her wet. Eliza's breathing quickened, struggling to get her moaned words free. It was this rush of pleasure and desire that she always wanted to feel, and now she did, from a vampire king no less. But that didn't matter right then. All that mattered was them and that moment. The way his hands felt on her breasts made her body tremble, and she thrusted her hips into his member, wishing he'd finish undressing her so she could truly be with him. She purred with the thought, then another thought came, and she wondered if he'd notice she wasn't like the Feltz brothers. He had called her so earlier, and she had been to angry to correct him.
Darren pulled his fangs from her neck and licked the wound to heal then, reaching down to tear off her flimsy panties. "Fuck," he whispered, feeling her wetness against his thigh. "Am I turning you on that much?" he asked sexily, tweaking her nipple teasingly.
Recovering from a rather loud moan, she replied, "Yes. And I can tell I'm doing the same to you. No surprise considering this is me," she whispered, her lips pulled in a smirk. "Care to stop torturing me now?" she asked, grinding into him harder, completely ready.
"Mm, not right yet, beautiful," Darren replied, keeping control of himself and not showing exactly how much her grinding was affecting him. He leaned over her body, licking and biting harshly at her breasts. He wanted her to wither under him in anticipation.
Before Eliza had time to question his 'beautiful' remark, she shivered uncontrollably with every bite and lick, whimpering his name. She couldn't let him have dominance over this.. With all her strength, she focused enough to roll them over, grinning down at him from the top. "This is more like it," Eliza whispered, lips mashing to his, kissing roughly, with her body pressed tight against his.

Darren had to agree that he liked the change of position. He kissed her back roughly, biting into her lip so the kiss was passionate and bloody. She just tasted so amazing, he thought, grabbing her hips.
The coppery blood didn't put her off at all, or maybe it was arousing her slightly. The thought that he wanted to actually taste her was very fiery, in Eliza's mind anyway. She half shifted, and using her small elongated fangs, mirrored his earlier action, nipping his bottom lip to draw up 'his' blood, letting both mix in the heated kiss.
Darren panting, wiping blood from his lips as they lay naked beside each other in bed, after hours of the hottest, kinkiest sex he'd ever had. He stroked her back, licking blood away from her lips. He wanted to call her sexy, but held it back.
She purred again, turning his lick into a kiss, and a feisty kiss at that. Her heart was still racing at an incredible speed in her chest, and she feared he'd notice, possibly take it in another way. She just loved the sex. Not him. Definitely not. He may be hot and sexy and- She wasn't in love with him though. She couldn't. As his fingers ran down her back, she shivered, drawing in closer to him.
Darren smiled against her lips, feeling her heart beat and knowing how much she had enjoyed him. "Mmm..." he pulled back and pushed some hair away from her face. "That was amazing...Now, get out of my bed."
Eliza was struck silent for some mere seconds. Did he..? Yep. "You fucking asshole!" she growled, shoving him roughly in the chest and jumping out, not wanting to stay in there a second longer. She lifted the flimsy material that was her dress, all torn. Angry he had left her with only underwear; she quickly pulled them on, and stormed over to his large glass wardrobes, pulling the doors open. Now, what to choose.. She fingered the rich material, planning to take his most treasured clothing, all the while ignoring him.
Darren chuckled, the doors suddenly slamming closed before she could reach her hand in to pull something out. The lock clicked into place. "You have your own clothing, deer," he told her, suddenly behind her. He pulled the torn dress on over her head, and it did very little to cover her. "Go on. Give the rest of the mansion a show," He nipped her earlobe before pulling on his boxers and going back to lounge on the bed. He wasn't letting any female control him, and she was so much fun to play with. He would love to keep her, but knew she would never agree to that.
She glared him down, suddenly raising her clenched fist to the glass doors and shattering them as she plunged it into the shards. It did hurt, but she held back her pain, not wanting him to see. And, she healed fast, so it was good. Eliza's fist was covered in thick, oozing blood, and she gave him a smug smile as she turned back to the wardrobe, throwing the glass doors to the ground and pulling out the dark red jacket, and black pants. "I will.. in your clothes. See how they react to that."
He smiled at her bloody fist. She was only making a fool of herself. "My clothing won't fit you," Darren warned her, and sure enough the pants fell right off. He owned no belts, so she wouldn't have any luck. The jacket she could keep. It had been a hideous present from a friend that he hadn't gotten the chance to throw out yet.
"Hmm, you're right. But I can improvise," she retorted back, a glint in her eyes. She took out the full outfit cased in delicate plastic wrapping, possibly important? And tore the cover off, humming to herself as her hands pulled at the sleeves on the jacket, ripping them off. Eliza threw the messily hemmed jacket - now waistcoat - to the ground. Then she used one of the sleeves to wrap around her slim waist and tied it into a big bow, keeping her -his- pants up.
"Hey!" Darren protested, suddenly to his feet and pulling the ruined outfit out of her grasp. That had been designer. He tore the outfit she had just put together off of her body, and then just as easily threw her back onto the bed. "If you aren't going to leave quietly, then you just won't leave at all." And he wasn't planning on making her stay pleasant.
With a yelp, she shifted into her panther form, daring him to challenge her. If she had to, she'd rip his arm off. She growled low in her throat, pacing back and forth on his large bed. But she was secretly delighted she had made him snap. Finally.
Darren regarded the panther with a slight look of shock. "Mm, so not a werewolf after all?" This was important information to have. He laughed, low and deep, and suddenly she was turned back into herself. She looked completely confused.

"I'm part warlock," Darren informed the girl. It wasn't a secret, yet most people didn't know. 'So, don't play with me, sweetheart."
Her eyes narrowed at him, and she opened her mouth to remark sarcastically when she felt bile rise in her throat, and she scrambled for the bathroom she had first found him coming out of, throwing up in the bath tub. The toilet was too icky. "What the hell did you do to me?" she growled, turning the tap and cleansing her mouth out with the cold water. Eliza never got sick. Bloody bloodsucker-warlock.
Darren crinkled his nose at the smell. "Nothing," he promised, going back to lounging on his bed. "Maybe you're pregnant," he remarked. "You're probably quite the little whore."
She gritted her teeth. "Actually, I'm the furtherest from a whore. I may seem very experienced, certainly compared to you from 'that' sex, but you were my third time. I'm not a full animal, bloodsucker." She came back out, watching him with disdain as she wiped her mouth. "A pity that. You may be something to look at, but you are definitely a shame in bed." Lie, lie, lie!
Darren rolled his eyes. "Don't have a fit, love. You know you enjoyed every second of it." And he was having trouble believing that it had only been her third time. "Now, come here. No point in keeping you prisoner if you wish to throw up all day."
She grimaced at him, "And why would I come near you? After everything, you don't deserve me." Eliza paced the floor, sighing with boredom as she tried to think back to her duties as leader of her shifters. Kill the vampire king.. She glanced at him sitting so sexy on his bed, making her feel weak at the knees. Yeah, that duty can get lost. Bring back the Feltz brothers. Okay, that she can do. But first.. "I need clothes. Want me to rip more of your precious garments? Then get me something decent to wear."
"You don't need clothing," Darren insisted, flashing to his side. He lifted her and carried her to the bed before she could protest. "You are much prettier when you are naked. And quiet." She had a big mouth and a sharp tongue, but he could easily fix that. He tossed her none to gently onto the bed, her hands suddenly tired to the bed post, and her feet to the ends of the bed. "Mm, much better." His powers kept her from being able to shift.

"You know, binds can't hold me. I'm a panther, so I'm strong enough to break these," she remarked, though made no motion to do so. He admired her body.. but hated her tongue. Well, he would have to live with it. No, no, no. Stop thinking, Eliza. "Are you going to kiss me or what?"
"I don't think you will break them. I think you like it," Darren commented, leaning over her body. He didn't add that she in fact couldn't break the binds. They were made of a very flexible steal. Even he couldn't break them.
"So what if I do. You like it too or you wouldn't be doing this," she replied back, eyebrows raised. This was torturing. The waiting, with him so.. naked, leaning over her. "I'm not getting any younger, you know."

Darren moved closer, letting his lips just barely brush hers before he pulled back. ''Have fun," he told her, smirking and heading to the bathroom to shower. No matter how hard she tired, she could not get out of those bindings.

She watched him walk away to the bathroom when it finally hit her. "Darren!" she growled, struggling against the binds, and soon discovered she couldn't break them. What? Eliza tried to shift into her animal form, but nothing happened. "Darren! You bloody vampire!"
Darren returned from his shower fifteen minutes later, a towel wrapped around his waist. She blatantly ignored the naked women on his bed while he rummaged through his closet for clothing. He knew he was going to have lots and lots of fun with this one.
"I swear, if you don't let me loose, I'm going to rip you into shreds. I will do it," she promised, meaning every word of it. Her body arched up, struggling again at the binds, and fell back down again in defeat. She looked down at herself, with only her skimpy black lacy underwear on, she felt too exposed in front of him, and surprisingly hot as she watched his muscles flex with every movement. Stop thinking, Eliza! Wake up! He's the bad guy here.
"Calm down, kitten," Darren dropped the clothing he had chosen and walked to the bedside, sitting slowly on the edge. "You have your chance to leave, but you chose to anger me instead. You don't get a second chance."
"No, I wanted to leave, but I didn't have anything decent to wear, and since you caused that problem, I took it out on you while I tried to assemble something. I. Want. Out. Now!" she demanded, lunging for him and falling back. Stupid binds. She hissed as they dug into her skin, with her still struggling.

"Careful. You wouldn't want to ruin your pretty skin," Darren murmured, running his hands gently over the bruises on her breasts. "That's my job."
"Get your filthy hands OFF ME!" she hissed, snapping her teeth at him, wishing she could at least half-shift so she could have her fangs. She struggled harder, not caring if it did hurt. She just wanted out. Or did she?
"Hush. You just wish I would touch you more," Darren whispered, a smirk gracing his lips.
"If you think that, then you are seriously an awful mind-reader. Now get your hands the fuck off!" she thrashed on the bed, whimpering when her stomach flopped. "I'm going to be sick. If you don't want to smell panther guts on your sheets for eternity, let me go!"
"Why are you so sick?" Darren asked, slowly and gently unfastening the bindings when he saw that she really was going to be sick. He made sure she couldn't use her powers though as he picked her up and brought her to the bathroom, closing the door and setting her down by the toilet.
Just because he was suddenly nicer didn't mean it wasn't an act, and one she'd buy. "You think I would tell you even if I did know? Get out of my sight!" she hissed, throwing up seconds later. Eugh. Must have been because she let him drink her blood, and she his. "You probably infected me with your bloody diseases."
"I don't have diseases, and no girl before had ever become ill," Darren explained quietly, ignoring her commands to leave.
"And just how many girls have you slept with?" She repeated in her head that she was asking only because her health depended on it. Not anything else. "And how many of them were vampires?"
"I've been alive a long time, so I do not remember," Darren said, shrugging simply. "Are you finished being sick? I'll go find you some food." He wasn't planning on hurting her, but he wanted to keep her around. For fun.
"No. I mean, I am finished being sick, but don't bother with the food; I'm leaving," she stated, not looking at him as she did. Eliza couldn't stay there with him any longer. She had already spent far too long.
"You'll learn to like it here. When I get bored, you may leave." Darren smiled a truly scary, wicked smile, and suddenly hoisted her back into his arms. He flashed back into the bedroom and tied her back down as she thrashed.
"You better release me," she hissed up at him, still thrashing. "If you don't, well, HE'll be here in no time when he discovers I'm gone long enough," Eliza threatened, with bitterness towards the 'He' she spoke of.
"Who is this 'he' that you speak of?" Darren asked, lowering his body slowly over hers. "A boyfriend, perhaps?"

A warm flush took over her body, and her thoughts screamed at her, confused as they asked what he was doing. "No." Eliza tried to think straight, focusing on a spot on the ceiling, ignoring him, and how she was reacting to him. "He's my fiancé." Eugh, arranged marriages. Not that Darren needed to know. "Maybe you know him? Enzo? He's the warlock prince, heir to his kind. Soon to be my husband." Bitter words had never been so horrible. It was because of his class that his father and hers arranged that she marry him as a treaty between their kinds. Only Enzo was delighted with the match, and proved to never let Eliza go. Ever.
Darren raised his head at the name, his eyes becoming hard. That was not a fight he wanted. It would be too much effort. "You may leave, then." he told her, suddenly pulling her free of the binds. "Go."
She continued to lie there for a further few seconds before he ordered her again. "Wha-You know Enzo?" No duh, Sherlock. Remember? He's originally warlock. As much as she was happy to be released, she felt terribly cold after losing his touch.
"Will you give me clothes then?" Eliza asked, biting her lip from shouting at him for being different because of HIM. He ruined everything, without even being there.
"Feel free to look," Darren would not touch her again if it meant a war between the warlocks and the vampires. He did not like unnecessary fighting. "There are clothing that no longer fit me in the bottom drawer of the dresser."
Not able to take it, the sudden kindness, completely a different Darren from the guy she'd known the past day, she stumped her foot into the ground. "Stop it! Stop acting like that. Just be you!" She made no motion towards the dresser, only waiting for him to return, be himself again and pull her roughly to him and tell her it was a joke. It had to be.
Darren was taken aback by her sudden burst of anger. "You wanted to leave, and I will let you. Why are you upset?" he asked, tilting his head to the side to observe her.

She opened her mouth, taking some minutes to hide the real reason, and tell a smaller one, but never the main one, "You're acting differently because of him! He's nothing right now. Nothing!" That sounded a little too much like what she was trying to hide, so she added, "I just hate how he can control everything. He shouldn't be able to."
"You brought him up, sweetheart." Darren pointed out, lounging back on the bed. "I don't want a fight." He wasn't willing to start a war over some girl, but...somehow; she was making him feel guilty.
That was true, but only because she had wanted him to let her loose before, and as soon as that had happened, Eliza had regretted it. "Do you call everyone 'sweetheart'?" she asked suddenly, crossing her arms over her chest, feeling uneasy under his gaze in just her underwear.
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Trey & Michele
''Leave me alone,'' he snarled, though weak from exhaustion. Trey walked on, not looking back at Michele.
"Gladly," Michele snarled, but her voice was full of hurt. She brushed past him, hurrying down the hall so he wouldn't see her sad again. He was such a jerk.
He wasn't sure if she was going to report to Darren, which would more than likely land him in hot water. Especially after she knew about the pregnant vampire.
His hand shot out, pulling Michele back, and slamming her back against a near wall, his hands trapping her head at either side. "You'll keep your mouth shut." It was more of a demand than a question. "You won't go running off to your boyfriend, now won't you?"
Michele gasped in pain, not expecting the violence. "I don't have a boyfriend," she hissed, lashing out at him with a kick. He flew against the wall, hitting the floor face first. "And don't you dare push me around, or tell me what to do."
It'd be a lie if he didn't become aware that his heart gave a small leap at her words. Damnit. He didn't want to feel like that for 'her'!
He wiped his mouth, checking for broken bones, which he was pleased to note, there were none. Yet, she had hurt him, when a moment later he winced in pain. He came at her, shoving her under him, and snarled right in her face, "Don't fight me. Don't refuse my orders."
Michele whimpered under him like a wounded animal as his hands nails harshly into her shoulders. "I don't take orders," she snarled right back, rolling them over before he could move to stop her. She pinned him down, and then punched him. Square in the jaw. "I thought maybe we didn't have to be enemies. I guess I was wrong."
Her sitting like that over him brought him back to the night before. 'Stop, Trey!' "We'll always be enemies. It's in our nature. Don't forget it," he growled at her, wanting her to hate him more just to make it harder for it not to be true. Never again would he let history repeat itself. He exercised his stinging jaw, wincing again. "Get. Off."
Michele glared down at him, her eyes piercing through his. "Get me off," she challenged. "Injure me, I dare you," She wanted to believe that he wouldn't.
Why was she putting him through these obstacles? It'd be a lot easier if she just let go. "Fine," he mumbled, and thinking of the least painful way, his hand reached up and pulled her long, beautifully soft hair roughly, making her move under his hand. He slipped out from her, seeing the small pain in her eyes, quickly pulled her head to his, kissing her roughly before shoving her away and storming off. 'I shouldn't have done that.'
Michele sat in the hall for a second, her eyes glistening with tears. She set her jaw, her eyes turning furious. She launched herself down the hall, appearing in front of Trey. "That's not what I meant," she growled, then threw him. Not hard enough to seriously injure him, but hard enough to prove a point.
He fell back with a bang, his head slamming hard into the concrete floor, and his sight fading for seconds. He covered his eyes, everything unfocused, and tried to sit up, falling limp again. "Bloody bitch," he snarled out, not knowing if she was still there. Pain shot up in all directions, stilling him to the ground. She was a really good combat fighter. He'd give her that. And his head was messing up on him. He couldn't see right! Which furthered his frustration some more.

Michele glared for a second, before her furious face faded into something like concern. "T-Trey? Are you o-okay?" Oh god, she hadn't meant to hurt him, not badly. She hurried to his side, getting down to her knees beside him. "Trey, I'm so sorry. I'll fix it. Tell me what's wrong," She was almost crying.
"You better not cry!" he yelled, clutching his head in between his hands. Why was she on the verge of tears? A sympathy ploy? It was almost working. "What did you do to me?" Trey's voice was full of unmasked hurt, his eyes tightly shut, scared to open them and see just a black blur.
"I don't know," Michele whispered, trying to hug him, but he just pushed her away. "I didn't mean to hurt you," she sobbed, unable to help herself. "Why aren't you opening your eyes?" she asked, panicked.
"I-I can't see. If you don't stop crying I won't let you help me," he said, his hands reaching out, and after some fumbling around, gripped her wrists. "Shut up and take me to your room so we can fix this."

Michele helped him up, keeping her tears silent as she led him slowly to her room. Oh god, she thought, feeling guilt and hurt settle in her stomach. She gently set him on the bed, coaxing him softly to open his eyes.

As he opened his eyes, there were still the black blurs, but they appeared fainter than before. "It's getting a little better." He felt her hands shake as they helped him, and he tried to sit up on the bed, taking her hands in his, "Why do you care so much?"

"Because I'm not as mean as you think I am. I-I thought after last night maybe you'd want to be more than friends," Michele whispered, stroking hair back from his face. "Do you need anything?"

Trey sat still for some seconds, her words replaying over in his head. Finally, he gave a small smile, and taking a deep breath, leaned forward, his lips hitting the end of her mouth. "Well, I was aiming for your lips, but I'll take what I can get," he grinned then. "Michele, it's hard for me to trust another vampire again after what happened.. last time." His warning made him shiver. His eyes were still closed, but he could picture her perfectly in his mind, and how she might be reacting now.

"Just let yourself go," Michele murmured, gently pressing her lips to his, happy he wasn't angry at her for a change. "I won't hurt you...well, not anymore." She laid by his side, hoping his sight would return.

"It's not that easy. It'll take time. What happened.. it left a mark that's still healing," he whispered, his fingers entwined in hers. "I think I believe you there. You were pretty upset not to long ago," Trey smiled, pressing his still sore body into hers.

Michele sighed, laying her head against his. "Maybe you should sleep," she suggested quietly.
"What do you think I'm doing?" he smiled, reaching out his free hand to stroke her hair. "Will you stay by my side?"

"Of course," Michele promised, helping him fix the pillows to make him more comfortable. She kissed his eyelids softly, hoping his sight would return soon.

Trey snuggled closer to her, his arms coming round to wrap around her small waist, keeping her close. He felt old emotions returning; ones he had thought were gone for good.

Michele relaxed her body, so that he thought she would be sleeping with him, but her eyes were wide open. She was thinking too much, too worried to sleep. What if she'd...blinded him?

When he woke up, he was still half asleep, and his body moved in the direction of the warm, comfortable body, nuzzling into it, that same lemongrass smell wafting from her. "You smell beautiful," Trey murmured, still not opening his eyes. If he tried, and he still couldn't see.. He didn't want to think about that.

Michele had stayed awake the whole time, her arms wrapped around him. She smiled softly when he finally stirred and spoke. "Thank you. Can you see now?" she asked quietly.

His mouth was set in a grim line, not sure if he wanted to try, and perhaps lose hope in seeing again. Seeing her again. "Just not yet," he whispered, kissing her cheek. 'Let me enjoy this moment before it could possibly change,' his thoughts whispered.

"Okay," Michele whispered, but she wished he would get it over with. She felt like she was going to pass out from all of the worrying. She hugged him gently, resting her chin on his head.

His eye lids slowly opened, only to see another black blur obscuring his sight. "No. No... It's not better," he growled, frustrated. He sat up, rubbing his eyes and tried again. Nope, still the same. His body swung back to slam into the comfy sheets of the bed, his hands searching for Michele. "What now?" he asked her.

"I-I don't know," Vampires blood didn't heal a werewolf. "We'll have to find a healer, or a warlock, o-or..." She had no idea how she could help him. And it was all her fault.

He shook his head. "No. That's too time-consuming. This'll probably fix in a few hours. It's possibly too early right now," he said, trying to find an excuse. He hated anything doctor-related, which included healers.

"If you're sure," Michele murmured, standing and slowly leaving the bed. "I'll get you some water." She just needed to feel like she was doing something helpful.
"Michele? Just keep me company," he called, falling flat on his face into the bed as he tried to reach out into the air for her. Groaning, he sat up again, "I need help to kinda get used to this."

Michele hurried back tot eh bed with a glass of water. "Sorry, sorry," She gently raised the glass to his lips. "Here, let me help you..." She hoped she didn't spill it all over him. She'd never been good at taking care of people.

His lips instantly made contact with the refreshing water, and he greedily gulped it down, some droplets over-spilling past his chin. "Thanks," he murmured, and before her hand moved completely away from him, he licked his lips dry of water, and leaned in, his lips hitting her chin. And he groaned in annoyance.

Michele didn't find his blindness funny, but she forced a quiet laugh so he wouldn't become depressed. She pressed a soft and gentle kiss to his lips, letting him know that she was still there, and that she wasn't leaving.

"How strong do you feel about me?" he whispered suddenly, not able to deny that extraordinary pull towards her. It wasn't like anything he had felt before, and he finally knew then how he felt for her. He knew no magic or power could do this. It was natural, in a weird and twisted way.

"I feel...stronger than I should, after having just met you. But there's just...something between us," Michele whispered, gently stroking hair away from his fair. She pressed gentle kisses to his eyelids.

He melted at her touch, his hands sliding around her waist, drawing her closer. "You're so different from the moment I first met you. Even then, I felt attracted to you. And now.. Now I feel the same way. I know we shouldn't, and I should stop this, but I can't, and I don't want to," he murmured, tilting his face back, his lips meshing with hers.
"You shouldn't stop this," Michele whispered against his lips, kissing him slowly and sweetly before pulling back again. "There's nothing wrong with it. No one here will stop us from doing what we'd like."

He grinned, feeling his cheeky ego side coming back, "Well, if it comes to it, they can try to stop us. But we'll win, 'cause we got me." His hands brought her face down to his again, their breath mingling as he added, "I'm not going to stop this. Nor will I let you. You're stuck with me," he promised, and finally kissed her again, letting his hands explore the expanse of her back, and slowly darting down to her lower back. He could be such a tease.

Michele gasped softly against his lips as he hands began to explore parts of her bare skin. "Shouldn't you rest?" she asked, worried about his eyesight. It would come back if he rested...right?

"No. This is more important. And it feels better than lying around thinking pitying thoughts," he whispered, pushing her lightly back on the bed, his hands roaming her body, lips at her neck, and because he knew she loved it, nipped softly at the skin there. He loved her reactions to him, and vice versa. He didn't need his sight for this. Just passion.

He was so much more attentive when he couldn't see, Michele realized, moaning gently as he caressed her. She wrapped her arms around his neck, hands in his hair to keep him close, even to help guide him. "Of you're sure..." she whispered.

"Very," he muttered gruffly, his body entirely turned on by her, letting his hands slid down her thighs, and round behind them, pulled her up closer to him, their hips beginning to create friction. She was so much, and more. And his, the thought added, nipping up her neck slower, taking pleasure from her response.
"Ah yes," Michele moaned, loving the way his hands touched her--not gentle, but not too rough. She wanted him to leave marks. She wanted to have signs all over her body that she was his.

His lips caught hers, kissing her passionately, while grinning. He knew he was falling for her, and he loved the very idea. His hands opened her soft robe carefully, then his fingers gliding along slowly, taking his time to enjoy her beautiful curves. "You're so beautiful," he murmured, meaning it.

Michele loved being called beautiful. She pressed light, gentle kissed along his chest and to his eyelids again. She knew he needed to be distracted, but she was so, so worried. She let him slip off her robe and she grabbed the sheets, pulling them over their bodies.

He grinned as he rolled on top of her, his hands positioned at either side of her waist, keeping his weight off her, and kissed her neck again, absorbed by her soft touches and kisses. Considering he couldn't see, he could picture her perfectly in his mind, and touching her helped a lot.

Michele stretched out under him, her hands above his head so they couldn't get in the way of his lips as they roamed her skin. "Mm, I love that, Trey," she whispered as she felt his kiss her collar bone.

"Mhmm, I love doing it," he murmured, letting his tongue slip out from between his lips and taste her. Slowly, very slowly, his lips ascended her neck, and finally met her soft lips, capturing them in a passionate kiss.

Michele kissed him back heatedly, her legs hitching around his hips to pull him closer. She could feel his hardening member against her thigh. She was happy he could be turned on by her without even seeing her.
He gave out a sigh of pleasure, slowly thrusting his body against hers, the tip of his member teasingly hitting the wetness between her thighs.

"Ah, Trey!" Michele cried, biting her bottom lip to keep from screaming. He was such a tease, but she wouldn't have it any other way. Her legs tightened around him and she couldn't help but moan.

Finally, on that note, Trey gave in, unable to withstand the intensity any longer, his member slipped easily inside her, making soft thrusts. Hearing his name from her lips called in such a way made him feel all fluttery inside.

Michele groaned when she felt him slip inside of her, filling her up in a way that made her cry out in pleasure. He was so, so good.

He silenced her cries of pleasure with a sudden kiss, his hands tightening around her waist as he thrusted somewhat harder, slowly building speed with every thrust. Trey was grinning all the while, growls escaping into the kiss.

Michele nibbled teasingly at his neck, letting her fangs gently scratch him but not break the skin. She loved lying warm and naked in his strong arms, his hair brushing against her face.

"I love it when you do that," he whispered, turning his head and laying a kiss on her hot cheek. His smile was wide, completely for her.

Michele looked at his smile, wishing he could see hers. the thought made her smile fade. "Still no sight?" she whispered, wondering. Maybe he could see just a tiny bit better?
He opened his eyes, the black blur still there, obscuring his sight. He gave a small shake of the head, "No. But Michele, it's fine," he whispered, telling from her voice she was saddened.

"It's not fine, Trey. I could have made you blind," If that was the truth, Michele would never forgive herself.

"Michele," he murmured her name in agony, his hands cupping her face, wanting her to look at him. "I don't care. It was worth it." And he meant that.

Michele bit her lip but nodded, knowing her could feel the movement against his hands. "I won't worry, then." But of course she would, secretly.

He offered a small smile then, pressing his lips to hers. "Thank you." Trey knew that as convincing as she sounded, he detected a lie behind her words.

Michele smiled softly against his lips before pulling back and laying down. "Do you want to go have a nice bath?" Her bathtub was a large, comfortable Jacuzzi.

"I would love to. Although dogs hate their baths, I'm one dog that loves them. Especially with you," he murmured, smirking. "Ready?" Trey sat up, waiting for her to lead.
"Turn into a wolf. Maybe your wolf form can see," Michele suggested, taking his hand to help him off of the bed, then slowly guiding him towards the bathroom.

He pulled his hand away from hers as he did, not wanting his claws to cut her, and shifted. Alas, nothing. He whimpered, and shifted back, holding his hand out for her. "My other senses are stronger, so it's kinda easier to know my bearings, but no sight."

Michele had liked his cute wolf form though, she thought, taking his hand again and helped him to the tub. She had him sit on the edge of it while she started the water and the jets. "Maybe it'll be easier to get around as a wolf then."

"Maybe," he agreed, held hanging low as he waited. It felt so... strange to not be able to see. He was so used to it. "Don't you hate my other form? I thought vampires hated wolves."

"No, I think you're a cute wolf," Michele argued, filling the tub with bubble bath, then helping him into the water. She shut off the lights, so they both couldn't see, then lowered herself down into his lap.

He grinned, having heard the light switch click. "Michele.." he whispered, his hands sliding over her waist, water swashing, and tugged her closer to him. "You're sweet." Very sweet, and Trey knew he was falling for her, but would let it happen.

"Thank you," Michele said with a soft, slight sad smile. She wasn't sweet. She had made him blind. She settled back into his body, placing her hands over his on her stomach.

"What's wrong?" he asked quietly, although in the silence, it seemed he shouted it. "Are you hurt?" Had he hurt her mentally or physically at all?
"Nothing's wrong," Michele assured, linking her fingers through his. She just felt sick to her stomach from the guilt, but she wasn't going to tell him that.

"Are you sure? You seem.." sick. "If you weren't feeling right, you'd tell me, right? Because I want to know. I want to make you feel better," Trey finished, kissing her lips softly, with his fingers tightening around hers.
"I'm just a little...sick to my stomach," Michele admitted, letting out a a soft sigh. She felt like she could throw up or pass out.
Sick? Didn't that sound like.. pregnancy symptoms? "Did you ever feel like that before?" And he restrained himself from asking 'before we were together.' She'd probably kill him if he did get her pregnant. Or hate him, which was worse.

"No..." Michele wondered what he was getting at, but didn't want to admit her guilt again, so she kept quiet. She squirmed in his arms, squeezing his hands tightly. She really did feel sick.
He let it go, for now, wanting to liven up the mood, like the fiery moments they shared before he had gotten.. blind. "Sweetie, you smell so good," he growled, beginning to get aroused as he pressed her closer.
"Mm, and you seem so horny," Michele replied, feeling better as his grip tightened and his breath fanned out against her neck. "My big, bad wolf."
He smirked, "Mhmm maybe because I am, and sweetie, I like the sound of that," Trey whispered in her ear, biting her earlobe softly, his lips on her neck seconds later, and using one hand, he tilted her head back as his lips glimmered over the delicate skin, teeth grazing.
"Mm, I bet you do," Michele whispered, leaning back into him as his lips and teeth moved over her skin. "But I thought now was the time to relax." If he had some sort of brain injury, she didn't want to overexert him.
He smiled against her skin, "I am. Didn't you notice I'm not grinding? I'm being a good bad wolf," Trey promised, licking her neck then. How could she taste so yummy?
"Hungry?" Michele asked, laughing softly as he licked her skin. He did that often, and she liked it.
"Nuh uh, I just love the taste of you. You're so sweet," he smiled, continuing to do so.
"That's a little creepy, but also kind of hot," Michele laughed, thinking that at least he thought her taste was beautiful, since he could no longer see her.
"Hey, dogs lick almost anything. Well, anything that smells yummy, and baby, you smell delicious," he whispered, grinning all the while.
He loved her smell and her taste, Michele realized, smiling happily. "I'm happy that my scent is so attractive, as long as you don't plan on eating me up."
"Hmm, what about in a sexual arousing way?" he teased, nipping her.
"Mm, I wouldn't mind that at all," Michele assured, her body arching as his hands gently ran over her skin.
"Good, but I was looking for a 'hell yes' answer," Trey joked, as his lips came down to her collarbone, letting his tongue glide over the delicate skin, and his fingers dancing over her bare lower back.
Michele moaned softly, craving more of his touch. "Hell yes," she whispered, smiling playfully and wishing he could see.
"That's better," Trey replied, hushed whispers, and let his fingers go lower, gliding over her bare thighs, teasing. Hell, he loved her moans. Needing her touch, he pressed his lips to hers for a passionate kiss.
He was such a tease, Michele thought, kissing him back slowly, her hands reaching behind her to lace through his hair. She moved her legs further apart, giving him more room to roam.
"Hey, weren't you the one who told me this was suppose to be relaxing?" he smirked, letting his fingers slid higher on her thighs, slowly closing in to her inner thighs. She was too yummy.
"But it turned so sexy," Michele commented, slowly closing her thighs around his hand, trapping his fingers there.
"Hmm, it did. You got so horny too," he commented, very slowly, to keep her attention and the teasing, let his fingers rub the outside of her clit.
Michele let her eyes flutter shut, her breath coming out in soft pants. "You're so good, Trey," she whispered, craving more of his touch.
"That I know of. Hey, don't get greedy on me here. Share some touch," Trey murmured into her ear, nibbling it as he did.
"No," Michele pouted, completely fine with being the only one touched.

"Yes," Trey insisted, slipping one finger inside her warm wet area, letting it thrust back and forth, then slipping it free, rubbing the outer area again, "Or else I'll only tease."
"You're horrible," Michele whined, whimpering softly. She reached down for his hand, moving it closer to her heat.

He resisted, pulling back against her hold and waiting for her to cave for him, "You gotta give me some," he sing-songed, nipping her bottom lip between his teeth.
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(And your turn to post, Court. ^.^)

"You're horrible," Michele whined, whimpering softly. She reached down for his hand, moving it closer to her heat.

He resisted, pulling back against her hold and waiting for her to cave for him, "You gotta give me some," he sing-songed, nipping her bottom lip between his teeth.


"You brought him up, sweetheart." Darren pointed out, lounging back on the bed. "I don't want a fight." He wasn't willing to start a war over some girl, but...somehow; she was making him feel guilty.

That was true, but only because she had wanted him to let her loose before, and as soon as that had happened, Eliza had regretted it. "Do you call everyone 'sweetheart'?" she asked suddenly, crossing her arms over her chest, feeling uneasy under his gaze in just her underwear.


Kat growled at the girl, taking a step in front of Christopher to shield him. "Binds can be broken," she snarled. "So can transformations, little faerie. Leave, before I am forced to hurt you." Because she wanted too. So, so badly.

Alex glared up at her, deciding to return later and finish the job. "Fine. But he's still mine, and I'm not letting that go." She withdrew her power from him, watching him fall limp to the ground and puff out a heavy breath. "Later, Christopher. You'll see the damage you caused in refusing." With that, she skipped out the door, humming faery lyrics.

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(Oh my good lord. O.O)

(That is A LOT)

(Maybe you should put up some sort of description of the RP world, if you feel like it?)

(And I'll get the characters in order, feed them breakfast, then post. ;D)
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(xD I know. When I had copy and pasted from fb, I was like '5O PAGES IN WORD?! WTF?!' >.> We got so addicted. xD Hmm, I'll see if I can. Oh, grumpy characters would not be good. GO EAT, WOMAN! Razz)
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(OMG o.o You edited all THAT! <.< You have a lot of time in your hands Mo hehehe jk

I went to bed! At 7 XD I went and watched crappy morning TV

And you disturbed Lexy, she is still scared to come out Razz Fun times... XD)
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(LOL! Well, it just took this morning. That's what I was doing when I was talking to you earlier. Razz
Sorry, I had to go so abruptly - my dad came home and I wasn't dressed to go! xD
Will: Is it because of me?

Enzo: Or me? Definitely me. Wink

Razz NASH --->CHAT! Very Happy)
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Kat sighed and watched as Christopher flipped through the lingerie, picking out the things he liked. "I didn't know you were so into lingerie shopping," she murmured, smiling slightly as he threw the skimpiest things her way.
"Need anything, honey?" Michele asked, peering back at Trey where he lounged on the couch, listening to the television which she had turned to a music station. She was busy painting her toenails, for for the fun of it. She found the simple routine relaxing, and it made her feel more confident about herself, even though Trey couldn't see her.
Darren picked Eliza up and brought her to the door, setting her down outside before she could protest. "Okay, love. It's time for you to leave," he growled, becoming upset with her constant whining about Enzo. He wasn't bringing a war down upon his clan.
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“If only you knew,” he teased, throwing another black lacy bra her way, one of which he was surprised to be called underwear. "Now go change, babe."
“Nope. I’m good. As long as you’re here,” he smiled, laying his head back. It had been a few days and she’d been extra attentive towards him, which kinda annoyed him, but it was the fact she was with him that kept him happy.
“Like hell you will!” she screeched, shoving him back before he could close the door on her. “I need clothes, you prick.” And she was beginning to feel dizzy as she stormed over to his wardrobe. Don’t show him your weaknesses! She fought back the sick feeling, grasping the most expensive looking outfit there, and wrapped it around her slim figure. “
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Kat gathered all of the clothing into her arms, walking towards the changing room. "Are you coming in with me, baby, or waiting outside?"
Michele moved over to his side, abandoning her nail polish. She curled up beside him on the couch. "Okay, baby," she told him, kissing his cheek sweetly.
Darren growled, letting her take the clothes. He grabbed her arm and dragged her again towards the door. "Time. To. Leave."
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“As if I’d wait outside. It’s me you’re doing this for,” Christopher scoffed, trying to keep casual about it. His excitement would be showing very soon.
“Do you want anything?” he asked, momentarily struck that maybe she had better things to do that attend to him. “I can manage on my own. Honest,” Trey promised.
“Good. Couldn’t be happier to be finally free,” she hissed at him, slapping his hand away from her. “Don’t touch me! You’ve done enough damage as it is already.”
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Kat rolled her eyes and let him into the changing room, placing the lingerie on the chair. 'Then what first, baby?"
"No, I like being cozy here with you," Michele told him. wondering if maybe he was asking because he needed some space.
"I hardly did anything. Now, leave, before I lose my patience," Darren growled against, grabbing the door to close it,
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"How about you just strip off first and we'll start from there?" he asked, hands on her waist as he leaned in, kissing her neck.


"Okay then," Trey shrugged, drawing her closer. "So um, have you talked to your sister since? Is.. Is Christopher okay? Like, not acting- Is he just okay?" That was something of a problem.


Eliza paused him from slamming the door shut. "I'd like to say it was a pleasure meeting you, but then I'd be lying. Instead, I'll leave with a farewell gift that should keep you happy." She plunged a stake into his stomach, tugging it a little to the left and right to increase the pain. “Now I can say it was a pleasure. ‘Bye, King Darren.”
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Kat didn't know how she'd be able to try anything on with him all over her, but she was enjoying it. She smiled slowly slipping out of her dress, the her panties, and then unclasping her bra. "Mm, better?"
Michele looked at Trey, feeling confused. "What are you talking about?" she asked, thinking of her sister. She hadn't talked to Kat in a few days.
Darren swore, grabbing the stake and pulling it from his stomach. "Little bitch," he growled, slamming the door without retaliation. he was going to kill Enzo, and then her, just for the hell of it.
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PostSubject: Re: Dark Things   Sun Apr 10, 2011 1:02 pm

Christopher smirked as his hands ran over her plump breasts, squeezing the lightly as his lips found hers. “Much better.”
“Um, just that Christopher can get into a mood. It happens at random. So, did you?” He was worried it might trigger again. Although, last time was suppose to be final. You just never knew.
She heard the quiet line of curses from the other side of the door, and presumed walking down the corridor, a big smile stuck on her face. “Well that was fun.” Her happy moments could only live so long. Her stomach flopped, making her queasy again.
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Kat moaned softly, wondering if he even planned on letting her try on the lingerie, or if he just wanted to have sex in the dressing room. "You're such a naughty boy,"
"No, I haven't. What do you mean, by him getting into a mood?" Michele asked, worried suddenly about her baby sister.
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His eyes flashed, changing into a dark grey shade. "Very naughty," he whispered, grabbing a handful of her hair and slamming her head into the wall, creating such a hard thump from the impact. "Finally, I'm back. And feelin' better than ever."
"Look, he's probably fine. Otherwise she'd have contacted you, right? It's nothing. Forget it," he said, making a motion with his hand to throw the thought away. "Just us."
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"Ow! Christopher!" Kat exclaimed, pulling away from him and rubbing her head. "What the fuck was that for?" What was wrong with him?
"Trey, tell em what's going on, especially if ti means that my sister could be in trouble!" Michele was so worried now.
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"Sorry, Christopher's not here right now, and a good thing. He making a fool of himself," Chris sneered, looking down her naked curves with distaste. "He can do so much better."


Okay, she sounded very panicked, and her heart rate was accelerating by the minute. "He's got a split personality. When Christopher was born, he was born with a twin, but he died. Well, we thought he did. Chris, what he calls himself, has always been alive in his head, and is extremely dangerous. But I think Chris is trapped, unable to get out. He should be. Hey, don't worry so much. It's nothing. really." He wanted to soothe her.
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PostSubject: Re: Dark Things   Sun Apr 10, 2011 1:43 pm

Kat stared at Christopher is shock, before grabbing for her clothing. Something was seriously wrong. ''Get out. Right now," she hisses, pulling on her underwear then pulling the dress over her head. She needed to call someone and find out what was going on.
"Does Katherine know this?" Michele asked, her eyes widening. "He could be really dangerous!"

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"Gladly. I feel blind after looking at you. Sick, twisted leeches," he muttered, strutting out casually. "Don't influence Christopher again if you know what's good for you. You hear?" he demanded, shouting back over his shoulder. Damn, he wanted a stake. What have we here? A shelf rack. "I can improvise."
"Unless Christopher told her; no. Could be is putting it mildly. We know he's dangerous. He makes up for Christopher's weaknesses." Trey sat up more then, grasping Michele's arm. "Wait, you might be over-reacting. He could be fine. He should be fine. If you're going to check, I'm coming with."
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Kat grabbed her cellphone, slamming the door to the changing room before he could think to return. She started to look through the contacts, when she realized that it wasn't even her phone. It was Christopher. She went to Eliza's name and clicked OK, thinking she could help.
"How could we even check? I don't know where they are, and you're blind,'" Michele whispered, sinking into the couch. She was at a a loss as to what to do.
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Dark Things
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